Want to rule Thailand? Nipple cream is the answer

Thai women are beautiful & alluring there can be no doubt there but they all seem to suffer from the same complex…..they aren’t white. While American women sunbathe to get that highly desired bronze skin and use collagen to get bigger lips and plastic surgery to get that small cute nose their Thai counterpart want exactly the opposite, They want the big nose, big eyes, small lips, and most of all they want to be white.

My girl who is a very beautiful shade of light brown told me one day that she was dum (black in Thai) to which I laughed and showed her my camera case which is coal black and told her she isn’t even close to that but my argument fell on deaf ears….she thinks she’s black.

Most if not all Thai ladies in Thailand will go to great lengths to become or seem whiter than they are. When you see wedding pictures many times they are overexposed to make the bride look more white and therefore more beautiful,

The answer in most cases …whitening cream. Every major manufacturer of cosmetics sells the stuff in Thailand and the Thai girls buy it up. Face creams, body creams, and the ever so important nipple cream. It just won’t do to have dark nipples. I met a Thai lady that swore the nipple cream really works and even showed me to prove her point. They looked very dark brown to me but she swears at one time they were coal black. No amount of argument from me could dissuade her from this point.

Depending on the province where they were born they may be naturally whiter say in Bangkok than in Mukhadan due to genetics and or working out in the sun. Which also leads to a kind of Thai on Thai racism sometimes. Either way dark or light skinned you won’t find many Thai girls lounging on the beach in the full sun and many times they’ll have umbrellas out to guard against the darkening rays.

When you see pictures of Thai ladies out at night they sometimes seem to have full kabuki makeup on…they don’t look like that in person but the flash of a camera really highlights it and the effect is sometimes comical but when they see the picture they smile because they look even whiter than they thought.

Now I’m not positive but it seems to me there are more women than men in Thailand and if you came up with a nipple cream that actually worked you could easily take the country peacefully in a matter of days and have a lot of happy Thai women serving your new government faithfully…well, its nice to have a dream anyway.

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