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More pictures of the rooms at Jasmine Mansion Hotel can be seen in the Gallery or via this link Jasmine Mansion Hotel Gallery

I e-mailed Kevin & Jin Meacher owners of Jasmine Mansion Hotel back in February or march after seeing the completed penthouse pictures he posted on a popular Pattaya forum and inquired about a long stay from May 1 to June 3. Kevin responded within hours and let me know that the penthouse was available from May 1 to May 20th and that he could put me in a suite room for the remainder of my stay and the cost would be 34000 baht. The email was very detailed about paying upon check in and even listed the guest breakfast menu.

Right before my my trip I realized I could take off a few days earlier and emailed Kevin again to get another 2 nights. He respnoded again within hours that it wouldn’t be a problem. He had a guest in the penthouse on the first night of my arrival so would give me a standard double with balcony and although he usually leaves a days downtime for the penthouse between guests to make sure everything is taken care of and in working condition he would get me into the penthouse my second day.

I arrived on April 29th at 7:30 and they were ready for me. I met the owners Kevin and Jin and they got me sorted in no time. I asked them if it was ok if I paid 20k baht today and the balance tomorrow as I wasn’t sure how my credit card was going to handle the rate transfer. They had no problem with this and waived the 1k baht deposit seeing as I was using a credit card. There was a small fee for using the credit card but that was no big deal to me….and as you’ll see later I got more than that back from Kevin and Jin. Total for 5 weeks was 36k baht

My first night I stayed in a standard double with balcony and to be honest I didn’t take pics because the camera was packed and I took a shower and was out on the town by 8:30 and didn’t get back till 4am. Have no illusions the room is small but it is exactly as it appears on the Jasmine mansion website and would be fine to stay in for a while. Personally for a long stay I would want a suite or the penthouse.

The next day I moved into the penthouse….picture time: The yellow room is the Suite I stayed in for a couple of nights and is very nice.

The one pic I didn’t get was of the laundry room that is down from the entrance to the penthouse. During the day there are staff on the penthouse floor doing laundry and drying towels and sheets. They were quiet my whole stay never waking me once. By 4pm or so they are done for the day and the penthouse floor is very private and you have the terrace completely to yourself. There is a cctv camera as you enter onto the penthouse floor aimed at the steps down and only the steps.

If you can’t handle steps then the penthouse won’t be for you as it is quite a few steps to the top but they didn’t bother me or any of my guests.

On the 20th of may I moved down to a suite room as the penthouse was booked and I will post the suite room right after this post.

I remembered at this time I would need a late checkout and asked Kevin if it was possible to do a 8pm checkout and what the extra cost would be. He said he would let me know the next morning as he was leaving for the night. The next morning he said it was no problem and there would be no extra charge.

The next night my aircon froze up in the suite room and they had someone look at it during the day while I was out…came back and it was fixed. Jin gave me the keys and I headed up but she mistakenly gave me the penthouse keys as thats where she remembers me being…I come down to gt the suite keys and she politely scolds me to call down from the penthouse to have someone bring keys up if it should happen I get the wrong key. Then Kevin remarks ” If you like you can move back to the penthouse as the guest that booked was a no show. I dreaded repacking and moving back but on my way up I thought about it and told teelac to start packing and I would sort the key. Came down and told Kevin I would take him up on the penthouse offer if it was still free ( free as in American slang for still available) Kevin didn’t miss the chance to rib Americans for wanting a freebie. Kevin grabbed the key for the penthouse and I asked how much more for my last 13 nights…..Kevin remarked that the price would be 395 baht…exactly the price of my new book which has just arrived smile.gif a book I was going to buy anyway. Thats twice now that he could have charged me extra and I would have gladly payed extra.

The proprietors Kevin and Jin were on the premises daily and they always asked how everything was and how my holiday was going and if I had any questions they were quick and helpful.

The staff was great …always smiling and helpful and very respectful to my girl at all times.

The hotel has their own restaurant called the Full of beans cafe and the food is absolutely great. Breakfast is included in the room price if you are up before 1 ( I usually wasn’t) but there is a 30 baht service charge if you want it brought to the room and let me tell you making small Thai girls hump trays all the way up to the penthouse is worth the 30 baht. Room service was good anytime during the day just don’t let your teelac and reception discuss in Thai breakfast as you might end up with cheeseburgers at 8am instead of cheese omelets Grin3.gif but that too was sorted and omelets were on the table when I got out of the shower.

I can honestly say I had no problems other than the aircon in the suite going down which was sorted straight away. I think I got more than what I payed for and Highly recommend the Jasmine Mansion. It’s located on soi Boukow right up by LK Metro which is a great spot to stay as its central to everything.

Another thing I noted during my stay was the fact that when a guest checked out Kevin personally inspected the room and made sure everything was ready for the next guest including touching up paint….



Jasmine Mansion is a 23 room family run hotel facilites you a 5-Star service at economical rates and a true taste of Thai hospitality. We are located in Pattaya which is Thailand’s premier beach holiday resort.

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of the hotel and its rooms and the security and safety of our guests. The hotel is only a few minutes walk away from Pattaya Beach, local shopping centres and renowned street markets as well as the main nightlife areas that Pattaya is famous for.

hotel facilities

Relax and enjoy your stay at Jasmine Mansion where we can provide you with a range of facilities:

o Full of Beans Café
o Licensed Hotel Bar
o Internet Office
o Pool Table
o Motorbike Hire
o DVD player Hire
o Room Service Menu
o FREE WiFi access in Guest Rooms

33/148-149 Soi Baukaow, Central Pattaya,
Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi, 20260. Thailand.

Telephone : 00 66 (0) 38 488534
00 66 (0) 38 488547

E-Mail : [email protected]

Jasmine Mansion Website

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