And you thought you knew about Thailand?

What do you Know about Thailand?

The Thai greeting “Sawatdee” was invented during the Second World War. Before that, people greeted each other by asking if they had eaten yet.

The longest place-name in the world is the full name for Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand:


meaning: “The land of angels, the great city (of) immortality, various of devine gems, the great angelic land unconquerable, land of nine noble gems, the royal city, the pleasant capital, place of the grand royal palace, forever land of angels and reincarnated spirits, predestined and created by the highest Deva(s).”

You should only write the name of people in red ink if they are dead, or you wish them to be dead.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand was actually born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the United States of America, on December 5, 1927.

The King, is the only monarch in the world to hold US Citizenship.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, Bangkok is the hottest city in the world.

The King of Thailand is a renowned Jazz saxophonist who has played with many of the world’s greatest Jazz musicians.

Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of Rice.

In Thailand, both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are celebrated on the birthdays of Their Majesties the King and Queen.

Thailand is the only country where the King, protector of all religions in the Kingdom, is required by the constitution to be Buddhist.

Thailand is the only country in the world where kite string is still made by hand

According to the ‘Guinness Book of Records 1995, the Thai language has the second largest alphabet in the world. The largest alphabet in world – Khmer

Bangkok is the only city in the Kingdom that has a different Thai and English name.The Thai normally refer to Bangkok as “Krungthep”

The 1994 Guinness Book of Records contains the entry: the world’s biggest restaurant – the Royal Dragon Restaurant, Bangkok can serve 5,000 diners in its palatial dining rooms at one time.”

Thailand has the highest percentage of Buddhists. More than 95% of Thais practice some form of Buddhism.

The world’s smallest mammal is the bumblebee bat of Thailand which weighs less than a penny.

The King possesses the largest faceted diamond in the world, the Golden Jubilee .

Wat Traimitr (Temple of the Golden Buddha) is the world’s largest solid gold Buddha, cast about nine centuries ago. The image is three meters high and weighs five and half tons.

Thailand is the world’s largest rubber producer and exporter.

The Orchid is Thailand’s best flowering export. Exports of the Orchid are valued at U.S. $250million per annum.

Built on a marsh known as Cobra Swamp, 15.5 miles east of Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi (pronounced “Su-Wana-Poom”) boasts the world’s biggest passenger terminal under a single roof and the tallest control tower.

From inception to opening it’s runways for business Suvarnabhumi airport took over 40 years to build.

Thailand is the only country in South East Asia that has never been colonized.

Thailand is the only country in the world where Scouting was directly founded by a monarch.

Thailand is the world’s second largest market for pickup trucks, after the United States.

Thailand is the top exporter of farmed shrimp in the world, producing around 240,000 metric tons per year.

In 1939 the country changed its name from Siam to Thailand. In 1945 the country changed its name from Thailand back to Siam. In 1949 the country changed its name again from Siam to Thailand.

Thailand is the largest producer of pineapples in the world.

In 1955 it snowed in Thailand! In Chiang Rai Province.

Before The King married Queen Sirikit, it was decided that HM too, in accordance to official procedures, had to sign a register stating his actual ‘occupation’! At first some government officials wished that his occuption be listed as ‘King’ but others wanted simply ‘Government Official’. After a long debate, it was decided that HM’s occupation be described as ‘Ruler of the Country’.

The movie about King Mongkut, ‘The King and I’ is banned in Thailand and it is illegal to own or view it.
In 1985 however,The King and Queen went to see ‘The King and I’ on Broadway!

In November 2005, during an official trip to India, HRH Princess Sirindhorn was denied entry to a famous Hindu temple in Bhubaneshwar in Eastern India because she was a foreigner and a Buddhist!

It is illegal to go out in public without wearing underwear.

It is against the law to not stand during the national anthem.

The Kings national anthem is played in every movie theater before the movie begins. The Kings anthem is separate from the Thailand National anthem.

Koh Samui produces about 3 million coconuts each month and is said to have the worlds most varieties of coconut palms.

Bangkok has the worlds largest Chinatown.

Barbers are usually closed on Wednesday because Thais think it will bring bad luck to cut their hair that day of the week.

The official year in Thailand starts from 543 BC. 2007 is officially the year 2550.

There are 80 national parks in Thailand. 18 of them are marine parks.

Thailand has about 26 000 temples.

Thailand is called the land of smiles but the meaning of the word Thailand is land of the free.

Thailand has a penchant for Guinness World Records, including: man with longest hair, largest aerobics workout, largest mass scuba dive, biggest hamburger, and most linked skydivers.

The energy boosting beverage Red Bull has its origins in Thailand and was originally called Krating Daeng, or Red Gaur (a type of ox).

Every Thai male is expected to become a monk for a short period in his life, optimally between the time he finishes school and the time he starts a career or marries. Women who live the monastic life are largely outnumbered by males- by 46 to 1. The first female ordination on Thai soil was in 2002.

Thailand has a burgeoning wine industry centered around the cool hills of Khao Yai where chenin blanc grapes prosper.

Thais only use chopsticks to eat noodle soups or other dishes inherited from China. Most rice dishes are eaten with a fork and spoon and for certain northern Thai dishes, with fingers.

There’s an estimated population of around 2000 wild elephants in Thailand.

Now you know…

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