Areca Lodge Hotel Pattaya

Areca Lodge Hotel in Pattaya

More pictures of Areca Lodge Hotel can be found in the Areca Lodge Hotel Gallery

Areca Lodge is located on Soi Dianna in central Pattaya. A beautiful hotel with an open air design and two swimming pools. I stayed there in October of 2006 in an executive suite on the fifth floor. The suite was 2000 Baht a night ( $52 ) at the time. They also had rooms at 1200 Baht and 1000 Baht.

The executive sweet was nice and came with a fresh fruit basket, newspapers delivered daily, and nice plush robes. Looking back it was a little expensive but I thought it was worth it and still do. They have a very good restaurant on site which also meant room service. The mini bar was nice and stocked although a little expensive but they did provide free water.

The food at the restaurant was good but not as good as nearby Thai restaurants. They offered laundry service but it was expensive compared to the small laundry across the street where I had all my laundry done. Seven days worth of clothes at the small laundry was 280 baht!

On the plus side the Areca has 2 large pools. Great for relaxing around and enjoying the view. The main pool gets more sun during the day which makes it much hotter on that side. The newest pool in the back behind the new wing is just right and of course you can order food and drinks while at the pool. If you aren’t a guest at the Areca you can still enjoy the use of their pools for a small fee for the day. At the time I think it was 50 Baht.
The Areca Lodge bills itself as a non smoking hotel…which means they don’t want you smoking in the rooms but they have an ashtray on every balcony. I’ve heard they will charge you if you smoke inside the room. I had no problems smoking on the balcony and you can also smoke at the pool and the restaurant.

Areca lodge wasn’t set up for Wifi when I was there and that may have changed but they did offer a few computers in the lobby for internet access but you had to pay 10 Baht for ten minutes or so.

Areca Lodge also has a small outside bar which is nice for a nightcap or while waiting for your taxi.

Note: Making reservations directly through Areca Lodge is sometimes difficult as they will tell you that they are fully booked. In reality they hold large chunks of rooms for thailand hotel sites and they usually have rooms availablke for your requested dates. So, if you want to stay at Areca Lodge and they say they are booked search Agoda and you will find rooms and usually at a cheaper price.

Many more pictures of the room I stayed in and the hotel in the Areca Lodge Hotel Gallery.

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Areca Lodge Website

198/21, 198/23 Moo 9 Soi Diana Inn, Pattaya Sai Song Rd., Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20260, Thailand

+66(0) 3841 0123, +66(0) 3841 5549, +66(0) 3842 4801

For the absolute best price go through Agoda for Areca Lodge  reservations…they are usually cheaper than the hotel itself.

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    4 thoughts on “Queen’s Birthday/Mothers Day Today

    1. I think it is really nice how many Thais make such a fuss over their mums on mother’s day. I remember when I used to teach in one of the schools here that each year a selection of kids would make kneeling presentations to their mothers on the main stage – in front of the whole school. The kids and mothers would by crying and so would eveyone else watching.

    2. I love the fact how deeply Thai people feel for their mothers here, and how freely they express their love towards them.

      In many Western countries, mothers day should be renamed to “flower sellers day”, because they are the one who profit the most from it.

    3. Talen I’m always well aware of today being Queen Sirikit’s Birthday and of it being Mothers Day in Thailand. The reason is simple. Yesterday was my birthday and today is the second birthday bash of BTMJ.That makes it easy to remember.

      I phoned Wilai today and asked her about Mothers Day in Thailand. Her answer confused me a touch, but bear in mind her mama is a dominant woman who never shows any emotion towards her children, Wilai especially.

      Wilai said she hadn’t given a present to her mother or even wished her happy Mothers Day. That’s even stranger when you consider they live in the same house. She also said that only the dek deks at school made and gave presents to their mothers in her village.

      Wilai claimed in her village the adults didn’t generally give anything to their mamas on this special day. She used the words “people are shy” and that Mothers Day was a “city, Bangkok, rich people” thing, not something for poor village folk.

      It was a strange answer and I don’t know if it is common practice amongst the rural poor or whether it has anything to do with Thais not wanting to publicly show emotion, although a present to a mother would be a private affair. Does Pookie give her mama something on Mothers Day.

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