Wooden penis envy…If only Pinocchio had known

Wooden Penis in Thailand

Go just about anywhere in Thailand and your bound to spot one. Walk around long enough and you’ll see them everywhere in every shape and size. Wooden penis’s are everywhere but not just the places you expect them to be. My first thought after seeing one outside Nana Plaza in Bangkok was “well, that’s a fitting advertisement”, but the next one I saw was in a 7/11 sitting on the counter by the cash register. Now I had heard all about the exotic, erotic orient but man the Thais had it going on.

Then I Started seeing them everywhere. In bars they hung from strings to ring the bell with to buy the bar a round, outside of shops, inside of shops, and even at the temples! It was then I considered becoming a monk…

Well, it’s not quite as sordid as I thought. When I noticed most of the wooden penis’s had what seemed to be traditional Thai script and symbols on them I asked and was enlightened.

Shiva Lueng is a symbol of generative power, also known as Palad Khik in Thailand they believe that the male sex organ means “creator” and it brings good luck and prosperity. Shiva Lueng (Lueng means Penis), in Thai, represent a Hindu God’s sexual organ which Samui fishermen have worshiped for long as their protector against the mischievous Goddess of the sea. The phallus miniatures however, named Palad Kik, have the same shape as Siva Leung only smaller. Normally Palad Kik are worn on the body, usually at the waist, and are considered as magic amulets or lucky charms for the wearer inviting good business and prosperity. Usually they are adorned with Thai or Pali language script which praises its spiritual attributes and offers blessings.

Shops, restaurants and bars that have them around are hoping they will bring them prosperity and Thais will wear them to invite good luck and prosperity. And of course the bars, clubs and go go’s will have them around for that reason and because, well… there’s nothing like a big prick to boost business.

Incidentally, the one pictured above was photographed on Soi Six in Pattaya… if you’ve been there you’ll know it works like a charm!

sig1 Wooden penis envy...If only Pinocchio had known
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2 Responses to Wooden penis envy…If only Pinocchio had known
  1. foongpc
    September 28, 2008 | 2:03 pm

    That’s interesting. I didn’t remember seeing these wooden penises during my trip to Bangkok last year. Or maybe I didn’t notice them. Haha! Do they sell it? Maybe can get it next time I go : )

    foongpcs last blog post..Are You Generation X or Y?

  2. antonio
    March 16, 2009 | 3:00 pm

    Me ha gustado mucho su artículo. En Korea también pasa lo mismo. Para mí también fue una sorpresa descubrir que el Creador, es decir, Dios, era un Falo:

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