Phone conversations with the Thai girlfriend part 3

Phone conversation ….well, more like email for the moment. You see about a month ago my little teelac got up for work and headed for the shower. She was waiting for me to call and took the phone into the shower with her because she didn’t want to miss my call. In her mind there was no problem with this scenario because she has a nice plastic protective case for the pretty new Nokia N97. Unfortunately our phone conversations have been degrading over the month until the phone just gave up the ghost.

While the phone is being looked at she has been emailing more. She’s been upset that she can’t hear my voice and being that she lives in a small village outside of Mukdahan she doesn’t have many options. Occasionally if little brother is home she’ll steal his phone for a bit but he has many female admirers for a 15 year old and he hasn’t been around the home much lately.

I knew from talking to her briefly a few days ago that she was getting sick and she had a bad hacking cough. Next email she sends she tells me she is really sick with something thats going around and she’s still upset that she can’t talk to me via phone at the moment.

Today I get an email From little sister who is 7. “Teelac, I miss you want talk you but phone no good. I too sick and tired I send sister to email you. I not want you think I forget”…..followed immediately by “Teelac, lil sister not tell you I love you mak mak (very much) so I walk walk walk to internet to tell you….I go home now I sick”

The long distance thing is hard….no phone makes it worse but that will be remedied by next week. Even though I’ll be going to Thailand in January to see her it will be another 8 months or so after that before I can head to Thailand for a very extended stay….I for one hope it works out but I know these things ain’t easy.

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