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Everywhere you go in Thailand someone is selling food. You never know whats coming next and sometimes you’ll find the best food in the oddest of places. The picture of a woman selling steamed seafood was taken on Beach road in Pattaya and literally every 10 feet or so there was a new delicacy to feast on. It’s one of the many reasons I love Thailand.

You won’t find many people selling food on corners in America and if you do it’s bound to be hot dogs. The strict health and sanitation laws really put a damper on things, but just think what it would be like if they didn’t. You’d have amazing food at every turn just like in Thailand. Other than the odd street fair or parade you’ll be out of luck.

I think this is what intrigues me most about Thailand…you never know whats around the next corner. Food, clothes, men with snakes, elephants and lets not forget beautiful women. Maybe it’s just my jaded view but America could do with something new and exciting around the corner.

In this age of political correctness everything has to be clean, safe and sanitized. We can’t have people just walking around selling food everywhere that’s unsanitary…you might get food poisoning! Like that never happens in restaurants or from buying food from the store. Likewise it’s doubtful you’ll walk around a corner and see a man with his snake or a few guys breathing fire but your liable to find someone getting mugged and thats always a good time.

Thailand is far from perfect but the quality of choice, and by that I mean you deciding whats good for you and not your local government, is astounding and I hope it never gets lost. And tell me those crabs and shrimp don’t look delectable!

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  1. I love Thai food and would love to visit Thailand and experience the street food and the culture.

    Jacob Liten | Aug 4, 2009 | Reply

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