Thai Ladyboys

Thai Ladyboys

Thailand is famous for it’s third sex known as Katoey or more commonly as Ladyboys. Every visitor to Thailand will come across them at one time or another, especially in Pattaya and Bangkok. Aside from the Pattaya and Bangkok bars and gogo’s you will also find them as clerks in shopping centers, serving food in restaurants and even in hotels…working as well as guests.

Most that you hear of come from the Thailand bar scene selling their bodies to foreign tourists for a couple thousand baht a night. One thing is for sure the most beautiful women in Thailand usually turn out to be men and foreign visitors to the kingdom can be very curious when it comes to ladyboys.Although Thai ladyboys are treated well in Thai society they generally aren’t accepted by most Thai’s.

Thai Ladyboys

Pattaya ladyboy 2 Thai Ladyboy 3 Thai Ladyboy 4

Thai ladyboys take care of themselves very well making sure their makeup is perfect and picking the perfect ensemble to wear out. Some have had breast augmentation surgery while other take hormones to grow breasts naturally. On average Thai ladyboys have larger breasts than their Thai girl counterpart and almost always do their makeup better.

You may find yourself wondering if you are really looking at a female or a ladyboy at times. Thai males are generally small and can have very feminine features which lends itself  to becoming a ladyboy but there are still some things to look for if you aren’t sure. Ladyboys will have slender hips compared to the hourglass shape of Thai women. Sometimes large breasts are a giveaway but a husky voice is a sure sign. Long fingers and big feet are usually the best giveaway but there have been some ladyboys that can pass all those tests. Obviously a penis is the dead giveaway.

Thai Ladyboy 7 Thai Ladyboy 8 Thai Ladyboy 10

Some ladyboys are in it just for the money and you’ll find most of them in the Bangkok and Pattaya bars and go go’s. But there are many that aren’t in the sex scene that really feel they were born a woman in a mans body and do all they can to perpetuate this.

For the most part Ladyboys will act just like their Thai counterpart but being males you can expect that most aren’t as shy as Thai girls. You never know you might find yourself getting hit on by a ladyboy. For the most part ladyboys are very nice and I have had a great time talking to the ones I have met during my travels.

Thai Ladyboy 11 Thai Ladyboy 12 Thai Ladyboy 20

And yes, all of the pictures in this post are indeed Ladyboys…

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    1. Gordo and Talen – I’m a huge fan of cricket but believe me the Ice Cream Chronicles definitely take the prize in the name stakes.

      A very interesting and amusing read, I liked the two warring tribes story. I wonder if they’re still at peace now.

      I’ll look forward to the next edition from the ICC with as much relish as the other’s up and coming one day World Cup.

    2. The tribes may be at peace but I wonder if the Prince and Princess are. The boy must have developed a wandering eye by now.

    3. Martyn…

      I’ll have to contact Frankie (French Cameraman mate) and see what he says about wandering eyes, Princes & Princessesssssss. He’s in Sudan at the moment so coms may be a tad bit slow. Thailand does get cold…a couple weeks ago in Chiang Rai, the day we got up here it was 11C in the morning. When we left Patong Beach it was 39C….guess that’s why I got the “Rai” flu….g

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