Another Thai Delicacy

On my recent trip to Thailand I went up country to a province called Mukdahan just across from Laos and where the Friendship bridge resides that connects the two countries. I went to meet my girlfriends family and experience rural Thailand…it didn’t disappoint. I also got the chance to sample some interesting Thai food.

While at the family house one afternoon an old woman came by with a basket of folded palm leaves tied with twine. The women of the household started opening up the green packets and in the first picture you can see what was inside. At first it looked like hominy to me but then I swore I saw it move…and it looked like a few ants were crawling on it too. Then I realized what I was looking at and just why there were a few ants around…it was Ant Larvae!

I had heard that this was a Thai delicacy but I never thought I’d see it. Of course several packets were bought and cheaply at 20 baht a packet ( about 60 cents ). Lucky me it was ant larvae season and I was soon to have a taste. The larvae was taken to the kitchen and cleaned of any ants or debris and then boiled for 5 minutes or so…and here it is

It doesn’t look like much and the first spoonful of this supposed Thai delicacy had to be coaxed in by the girlfriend but I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this new Thai food. The boiled ant larvae tasted just like buttered sweet corn to me. I actually ate my plateful of larvae and was quite impressed with it. I’m not saying I would go looking for it but if it crosses my path again I won’t be put off…as far as bugs go ant larvae gets 5 stars!

One thing is for sure, if you enjoy Thai food it definitely pays to try the local dishes.

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    4 thoughts on “Living Like a Thai Day 11: Tofu, Really?

    1. Talen, skip the shampoo and save 50 or 80 baht. Bar soap will get you by for the rest of the time. As for toothpaste, any baking powder in your cupboard? (OK, probably not . . .)

      You know, I’m not seeing a lot of calories in that menu. You must be dropping a bit of weight after 11 days!

    2. talen i would have been defeated long ago by this challenge i know i could not tackle some of the stuff you are eating.

    3. I bought some Tofu at the Asain Foods store and it’s been sitting around a while. I just checked the expiration date – Jan 26, 2011. A big 19 oz. block which was sold for $1.19. My Thai wife really seems to want nothing to do with it. Why eat Tofu when you have chicken and pork? I don’t mind Tofu, but it only tastes as good or as bad as the sauce it’s in. But our fridge is bursting and being past its date and only spent a buck on it, as soon as I remember I’ll toss it… unless you want me to send it over?

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