Mukdahan Grand Hotel

When I went up country to visit my girlfriends family in Mukdahan it was offered that I could stay in the family home, but I just didn’t feel comfortable staying there while meeting the family for the first time…the western thinking always kicks in.

My girlfriend told me there were several hotels in the city but all I could see were visions of squat toilets and hard beds…the western mind can really hold you back!

When we arrived at the Mukdahan bus station we took a short trip by tuk tuk to the Mukdahan Grand. Not only does Mukdahan have hotels…it has a 3 star hotel in the heart of the city. It would have been a 4 star hotel for me but the rooms have some wear but nothing out of the ordinary.

Mukdahan Grand Hotel

This was a totally unexpected surprise. The lobby was very nicely done and the restaurant looked very inviting after a 10 hour bus ride.

Believe it or not there were very few rooms available due to a large wedding party staying at the hotel and having the reception there as well. The food in the restaurant was great and breakfast was complimentary for all guests.

We secured a deluxe room for the small sum of 1000 baht a night ( $31.00 ) and again I was surprised at the size of the room, the beautiful view overlooking the Mekong and the very comfortable king sized bed.

The bathroom was just as nice fully decked out in marble with real heated water not a shower mounted heater usually found in hotels in Thailand.

The hotel also hosted a nightclub in its basement and from what I understand it is the place to be on Friday night in Mukdahan.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story and afterwards I’ll post the address and contact information in case you find yourself in Mukdahan and in need of a little luxury.

Mukdahan Grand information:

78 Songnangsathit

Phone: +66(0 42)61 2020, 63 0959
FAX: +66(0 42)61 2021

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