Thai Police Waching Nude Chinese Teen

After the earthquake hit China a 19 year old college student named Xiao Yun wanted to do her part to help out. So she went to the internet and made her appeal which was slightly better than that of the Red Cross. You see, Xiao Yun, a very attractive 19 year old Chinese girl promised that with every donation she would remove more of her clothes!

Apparently, according to the Bangkok Post , the Thai police have been monitoring the situation because they are afraid other websites of it’s kind will pop up or be re-created in Thailand. In Thailand it is against the law to distribute or display nude pictures and those convicted of the law face up to five years in jail and up to 100,000 baht in fines.

I’m sure the Thai police have been diligent in their quest to make sure this doesn’t show up in Thailand…I would even bet they are making donations in the hopes that one day Xiao Yun will come to Thailand so they can arrest her for posting nudes of herself.

Well, two things are certain. Xiao Yun is getting naked on the internet and the Thai police are very interested in her. That’s a good thing because that will keep all the girls on Soi Cowboy dancing naked without fear of a police raid. Only in Thailand.

I haven’t been able to find her actual blog yet but here are two Chinese sites referencing her work:

BBS. Ganji

If you happen to know where her site is or have stumbled upon it drop me a line because I am sure there will be more than a few that would like to make donations to earthquake survivors in China through her site.

Here’s a glimpse of Xiao Yun in action from Youtube. There is a website referenced in the video but it apperently has been taken down. Note: no actual nudity is shown in this clip other than bare back, shoulders and legs…a shame really.

Update: Apparently Xiao Yun has never gotten nude just taken suggestive photographs which is fine by me as she is a very beautiful lady. Even if we can’t find her site to donate money to the Chinese earthquake victims you can still go to The Salvation Army main website and donate from there. Much is still needed and every little bit helps.

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    20 thoughts on “Ten Tasty Thai Dishes You Must Try Before You Die

    1. Talen,

      I’m bookmarking this tasty report. Thank you. I’ve wondered what the names were for some of the dishes I’ve tried. I have a pretty good tolerance for spicy food but I’ve been defeated twice: a green curry chicken in Pattaya at the Queen Vic restaurant and a som tam at an Asoke street bar ordered by one of the girls. I took one bite of the som tam and took about 3 minutes to recover. Took another bite and I was finished. It had, according to the girls, dozens of chillis. It’s the kind of dish that, if it ever were a weapon, would be outlawed by the UN

      Keep eye on B vitamin levels if on Thai food diet

      .-= SiamRick´s last blog ..Keep eye on your B vitamin levels if on Thai food diet =-.

    2. Talen,this is a post ,after my own heart, or should I say stomach,ha ha . I too, am in love with Thai food and there is something magical about eating Thai food , it is indeed a soul food , but it has many ,many health benifits that we as farang know not of , but the Thai cooks of long ago knew and the traditional Thai cooks of today know and are passing it on to the new generation, as a ART so to speak.

      Personaly ,my health has improved much , by the easy living and the wonderful Thai dishes of food ,that you so wonderfully describe in your post above.

      Thanks for the great pics too and the good commentary about each one , I’m glad it’s almost lunch time , YOU MADE ME HUE. Malcolm

      .-= malcolm´s last blog ..MY FIRST POST-IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS NOW =-.

    3. What a beautiful blog!!! The food looks great too. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Thai restaurants close to where I live. These dishes look mouth watering!

    4. Nice list..

      I’m drooling already… I missed Thailand. Nothing beats the “real” Thailand food.

      Your fellow Problogger.

    5. Talen on my recent trip I ate a lot more Thai food than normal and most of it I really enjoyed. I discovered a dish called Rad Naa which is basically a meat and vegetable stew, if you haven’t tried it then give it a go next time as it makes a pleasant change from the normal chilli cocktail mix.

      I have got to agree with Rick on the Som Tam, I think UK prison inmates should be forced to eat it three times a day, bring back hard labour, Som Tam would make them think twice about offending again.

      Tom Yum Goong is as you write the possible signature dish of Thailand and a fiery starter to any meal, I’ve got to be in the mood for that one. My favourite is the Green Chicken Curry and I would put that in my top 5 dish list from anywhere in the world. Delicious.

      The thing about Thai dishes is that they are also a great social tool for families, friends, business and special occasions. The whole meal process is a long affair of chatter and catch up on the latest gossip, hot news and of course TV soaps. A Thai meal is enjoyed not only for the excellent wide range of dishes but also for its social interaction and that is something some of us in the western world have never really had. For many of us meal time is wham bam thank you mam that really filled me up. Great post and one that has put me in the mood for my dinner prior to hitting the night shift. I’d rather tackle a huge plate of Som Tam than the tiring night that awaits me.

      .-= Martyn´s last blog ..Going Back Ain’t So Bad =-.

    6. I have to add that it’s really hard to find good Thai food back home here in Canada. Mostly it’s that flavourless, bland Pablum that could come out of a can. In fact, I just finally bought some Thai (made in Thailand) sauces the other day and I’m going to give it a try. But the main problem will be, other than fact I am hardly skilled in the kitchen, finding fresh ingredients like those in LOS. And that will probably be the killer in trying to re-create a Thai dish.

      .-= SiamRick´s last blog ..Keep eye on your B vitamin levels if on Thai food diet =-.

    7. Talen,

      I’m right there with you and SiamRick on the Som Tam, though not in Thailand. There’s a great restaurant in my hometown called, creatively enough “Thai Restaurant”, I know the owner and he challenged me to the Som Tam once. It was punishing, to say the least, but strangely enjoyable. I think I love the ability of Thai food to be be unbelievably hot yet not destroy the underlying flavors.

      .-= Eric H. Doss´s last blog ..7 WordPress Plugins You’re Not Using =-.

    8. Last Sunday I had Tom Yum for dinner, but it was Tom Yum Gai; chicken Tom Yum. It was delicious. From the Thai dishes that you recommended, the one that I very much have a craving for is Som Tam. It is very spicy and tasty, especially when you eat it with sticky rice and grilled chicken; they just go together pretty well. But I doubt many foreigners would dare to try it. It is too hot.

      .-= Oneditorial´s last blog ..‘Winter Sleep’ almost literally put me into a slumber =-.

    9. Good one, Talen. It is now clear that a successful blog is all about food.

      Here in Isan we distinguish between Som Tum Krung Thep and plain Som Tum. The latter contains feremnted fish and lots of tiny grey crabs, and generally has a greyish appearance. The Krung Thep variety is for me, it looks clean and tastes great.

      Can we have some more food please.

      .-= Lawrence´s last blog ..A day in the life … or… life in a day =-.

    10. Yam Nua is my favorite Thai dish of all I’ve tried so far.

      My goal is to learn to make Thai curries at home. So delicious!

    11. Nice list Talen though a few of my classic choices to add to it.

      Guateo moo – pork noodle soup, a classic in my residence

      Khao pad moo/gai – cos you can’t beat fried rice

      Rad naa gobh – vegetable noodle and meat stir fry with sweet sauce (think Martyn mentioned this)

      Massaman – pork or chicken curry with potato, peanut and spices

      Pad na man hoi – beef and oyster sauce

      Khao laam – coconut flavoured rice in bamboo (desert, of course)

      I might follow your lead and get a food related post up, though half of them are here already.

      .-= Jon´s last blog ..Google Wave =-.

    12. Boy, you’re making me hungry.

      My favorite dish is the “Green Curry Gai” served at P72 in Pattaya. (Not to be confused with Gaeng Keow Wan Gai that they also serve which is MUCH hotter.) It’s kind of a soup/stew with lots of white meat, potatos, and I think banana peppers. It’s not too hot and very tasty.

      I love Som Tam, and Tom Yum Gai but my wife has to order them “pet nid noi for farang” for me.

      One thing I find interesting about Thai cuisine is that most of the dishes I have eaten contain inedible ingredients. (“No eat” as my wife says when I ask her what these things are floating in my Tom Yum soup.)

    13. Good post. I’m always on the look out for international vegan cuisine (no meat, eggs, dairy) and two of these certainly fall in line. Thanks – can’t wait to give them a try and see how badly I can screw them up!

    14. I was in Thailand last year for almost a year and loved the food. hi-so restos and street food, they were all good. THe bad thing was when I got back to the US, I could not eat any any of the Thai restaurants that I used to loved in Wash DC. BTW folks, the THais love to play with farangs and watch them suffer with somtum. That’s my favorite dish actually. You can ask for them to make it mild, say 1 chili to start and you’ll likely advace to medium mild (5 chilis someday).

      There’s a chemical addiction to THai food and maybe the Thai culture in general.I’ve met so many farangs, including females, from Europe mostly, who went on vacation and overstayed. One school director from UK went on a Christian mission originally, returned a year later and has been there for almost 11 years now. I think I might be like her! I can’t wait to go back!! Thanks for posting and allow me and others to relive our Thailand experiences!

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