Tensions Rise at Thai-Cambodian Border

Wednesday Thai and Cambodian troops clashed once again leaving 2 Cambodian soldiers dead and Cambodia stating that it had taken ten Thai prisoners, which is denied by Thailand. Thailand has stated that Cambodian soldiers have been laying new land mines in the area, which has yet to be corroborated. Fighting broke out around 2:45 with both sides saying the other side opened fire first.

In the past few days the Cambodian Prime Minister has stated that continued Thai troop movement in the area could lead to all out war between the two countries. The Thai response has been one of politically stating there needs to be discourse all the while moving more men and equipment to the area.

The 1962 Hague Trial which awarded Cambodia the Preah Vihear temple never ruled on the 4.6 square kilometers surrounding the temple which have been in dispute on and off since 1962. As few as ten years ago the area was still inhabited by the Khmer Rouge.

Today’s skirmish could lead to an escalation of hostilities between the two countries and the U.N. has spoken up and asked both sides to find a peaceful solution to their problem.

You can see on the map where the joint Thai and French survey marked the border in 1907 ( line 1 ).  In 1962 Thailand moved that line to where it is seen now as Line 2.

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