Spot The Ladyboy

Katoey,kathoey, the third gender…whatever you call them they are abundant in the land of smiles. It’s been said more than once that the most beautiful women in Thailand are men. What do you think?

Well, I’ll tell you what I’ll do…posted below are several pictures of very lovely ladies and all you have to do is pick out the ladyboy. Sound easy? Now,  I know those of you living in or traveling to Thailand frequently will know but I’m guessing the rest of my readers wont.

So, guess the right answer and you’ll get some link love and if you’re with Entrecard I’ll throw in 500 credits to the first right answer. Let the games begin!

Click the pictures to enlarge.

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This should be easy :)

sig1 Spot The Ladyboy

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Comment by MikeNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 00:13:56

Nice one, now I happen to know that there was a competition in Thailand recently and I know number three definitely is (in the swim suit) but I fancy that the correct answer is that they all are of the third gender. If I am right please give the EC points to someone from outside Thailand.
Have a good day!

Mikes last blog post..Monks Monsoons and Moments.

Comment by l.a.No Gravatar
2008-11-10 00:36:25

Wow, that’s tough. It’s either 1,6, or 10…LOL

Comment by JamieNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 02:08:05

Very hard to tell from a small photo, all taken from different angles. Once you see them up close and personal its way more obvious. I can say that up close I have only ever seen one who I totally thought was a stunning girl. Then “she” spoke in a deep husky voice.

Once has to guess that all of these are LB’s. The only one that looks totally feminine based on that photo is #4.

#12 – the Jaws sisters look very scary!

Jamies last blog post..Street Food – Fruit Stalls

Comment by mikeNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 02:15:52

I say all of them are? Just a guess though.

mikes last blog post..Montauk Lighthouse 16

Comment by AnonsailorNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 03:44:36

Well, 2 and 8 are Nikki, ladyboy, 6 is Jay, owner/operator of Guess Bar, a ladyboy, and 9 is Emma of Pattaya, a ladyboy…the rest, pictures too small to tell.

Comment by Lay DK ToyNo Gravatar
2009-01-06 07:16:55

Damn…I mean DAMN!!! Where might one “bum-p” into Nikki at? Bangkok or Pattaya? Wow, I thought I met a few doll-hees in Pattaya BUTT Nikki’s …DAMN ….a WOWser! ~:)))

Thanks for the “guess that Katoey” spot, I would have guessed them all except number 4 as I have met Emma (Amy, Justina whatever she is this month lol), BUTT #4 another WOWser s/he or not ~:b…

I’m just flying around the web now but hope to be back in Thailand before my late Feb birthday, I hope to find Nikki eventually, it’s a set mission of (ohhh mercy) now…could someone drop me a note @z28 in case I lose this bookmark about a Nikki sighting or a recent bar she works at?

TIA if possible…

~ ; )


Comment by Lay DK ToyNo Gravatar
2009-01-06 14:41:03

UPDATE NOTE (to self) (lol) Found Nikki BUTT not really; on good authority – word has it Nikki has BF and is now post-op (ladyboy-2-ladylady) Wish her best-O-luck in new life ~:)))

Now I have to find out who #4 is ? #6 (Jay?) is head-turner 2-too :) ))

Thanks again for Katoey quizzer ; )

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Comment by SE7ENNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 06:27:42

I only know #3

#4, #9, #12 are very hard to tell
but I’d say all of them are LBs :P

Comment by BKNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 09:58:21

My guess would be number 1. :)

BKs last blog post..Act F.A.S.T with Stroke can Save Lives

Comment by MZaideeNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 10:53:28

#8 is the ladyboy

MZaidees last blog post..Asian Snacks

Comment by MarkNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 11:35:51

Number 10 looks like the lady boy to me as she has a beard! Only joking! I have seen transvestites like these in Singapore and it is very hard to tell the difference.

Marks last blog post..Emergency in Eastern Congo

Comment by The Fitness DivaNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 11:41:42

I think that the very last pic with the two girls, one blonde, one brunette, are real women. The rest are all ‘ladyboys’. Am I right?

The Fitness Divas last blog post..Cool Body Facts #3

Comment by Nomadic MattNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 12:18:40

number 8

Nomadic Matts last blog post..How to Travel the World, pt. 3: Coming Home

Comment by MonicaNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 13:46:11

#11 is a ladyboy…

Comment by travelphilippinesNo Gravatar
2008-11-10 14:48:02

one thisng for sure first line middle photo is a ladyboy and her name is nicky hehe. i know her…

travelphilippiness last blog post..Destination : Bantayan Island Cebu

2008-11-11 14:19:40

Woahhhhh. How do you make sure a girl’s a girl before you share your bed in Thailand!?

Bas – Istanbul Expats last blog post..Obama Elected, The World Rejoices – Turkey, Macedonia Perhaps Not So Much

Comment by JodapoetNo Gravatar
2008-11-11 17:41:06

This is difficult but I’d have to say #’s 2, 6 and 10.

Jodapoets last blog post..Stumped

Comment by Ken ArmstrongNo Gravatar
2008-11-11 18:42:30

I think they all are but if it’s only one I’ll guess 10.

Fun!! :)

Comment by Thailand HolidaysNo Gravatar
2008-11-11 21:06:46

For me it has to be #2 and #8. You sure there’s only the one there?

Comment by dzungNo Gravatar
2009-02-27 13:59:05

Tat ca deu la ladyboy

Comment by Ken T
2009-04-11 00:48:52

Picture # 3 is Nong Poy Miss Tiffany 2004. A new half. Very pretty.

Comment by Ken t
2009-04-12 05:26:32

Picture # 9 is Amy. A porn star. Very cute

Comment by Ken t
2009-04-12 05:27:26

Sorry, Amy is definately a lady boy.

Comment by Russell
2009-08-22 05:42:30

Yes Nicky is a ladyboy and she my girlfriend, we have been together for nearly 2yrs now. And am very very protective, so be very very carefully.

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