Ladyboy’s it is

poyladyboy2 Ladyboys it is

More than a few of you realized that the spot the ladyboy post was a trick question and some of you even knew the names ( not gonna ask ). The plain fact is that they are all ladyboy’s. The pictures above are of Kangsadal Wongdusadeekul , winner of the Miss Tiffany Universe Contest 2008. The contest is held annually at the Tiffany Theater in Pattaya, Thailand.

day2 9 800x600 150x150 Ladyboys it isAs you can see they sometimes can be very hard to tell from their female counterparts. Some giveaways are long lingers, big feet, and of course an adams apple. I can say I have seen a few that had none of the above and I had no clue until I was told. Fortunately I was able to spot the one to the left fairly easily on my last trip. Besides being well over 6 feet tall ( in heels )she had a rather husky voice.

Mike of My Thai Friend was the first in with the correct answer and even though he lives in Thailand I’m going to declare him the winner anyway and send him the 500 Entrecard credits even though he said to give them to someone outside of Thailand.

78467 Ladyboys it isMike is an Englishman living in Thailand and he shares his day to day life and experiences in his blog My Thai Friend. A very good read, and Mike gives some great insight to Thai culture as seen by a foreigner ( falang ). One of the great things about the myriad of Thai blogs is the unique perspective each blogger brings to the table. Stop by My Thai Friend…you’ll be glad you did.

sig1 Ladyboys it is
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3 Responses to Ladyboy’s it is
  1. Mike
    November 11, 2008 | 11:55 pm

    Talen, Thank you for your very generous gesture and kind words in your write up about MTF.

    We (MTF & I) have a long way to travel and I hope that by sharing some of my experiences along the way others might benefit by the little insight my posts provide.

    You, like many other bloggers I have met, are a great example of people who help breakdown cultural barriers by publishing work that is both informative and unbiased thus providing real insight.

    Have a good day and once again thank you.

    Mikes last blog post..Thai Culture-Western Logic.

  2. Anonymous
    April 11, 2009 | 12:44 am

    The pictures are Nong poy Miss Tiffany 2004.

  3. Hani Mani
    April 20, 2009 | 12:33 pm


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