Free Flights to Thailand

Air Asia, South East Asia’s biggest budget carrier, began it’s campaign to revive tourism in Thailand Tuesday by offering 100,000 free tickets to and within Thailand.

Working with the tourism Authority of Thailand they hope to regain the confidence of tourists staying away due to global economic problems and political unrest in Thailand.

Tuesday Air Asia announced their campaign named ” Get your baht to Thailand” which would offer free tickets from surrounding countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myammar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and China, as well as flights within Thailand itself. The tickets must be purchased from the Air Asia website and this purchase must take place within 3 days of Wednesday December 17th for travel between Jan. 6 and March 31.

The only charges passengers will have to pay are the airport tax and administration fees. Air Asia did away with fuel surcharge fees on all of it’s flights last month.

This works out to be a great deal for anyone living in South East Asia but it’s also a great deal for anyone planning a trip between January 6th and March 31st 2009. Air Asia offers over 400 weekly flights to and from destinations in South East Asia and within Thailand.

I’m looking into several flights now within Thailand for an upcoming trip because free flights beat taking the bus or a private taxi any day and will add more quality time to the trip. If you have the time and you are planning a trip between the dates offered you might also want to check out other great sights in the area such as Angkor Wat.

Remember this offer ends on Friday December 19th.

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    5 thoughts on “Useful Thai Phrases Part 1

    1. Sa wat dee!

      Sabai dee mai?

      I am sabai dee,

      I hope you too.

      I’m visiting your blog

      to know what it is.

      Looks very nice and i will explore more

      by reading the posts here.


      Sa wat dee and

      Khop koon!

    2. Sawadee kaa,

      very nice and helpful page!!!

      I have a question: when you got asked “sabai dee mai?”….How do you ask back? Just: “Sabai dee, sabai dee mai?” Or is there something like “and you?”

      Khop koon kaa.

    3. Very useful phrases!

      Mai pen rai also can mean

      don’t worry about it

      it doesn’t matter

      don’t mention it

      Thanks for sharing

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