Thailand Protecting Royals at the Expence of Their Children

If you’ve been following this blog you know That Harry Nicolaides was sentenced to three years in jail for violating Thailand’s Lese Majeste laws. He was arrested at the Bangkok airport in August  upon arrival in the country and placed in a Thai prison for four months before his trial. Very quick and expeditious of the Thai government, and we all know that violations or perceived violations of the Lese Majeste laws are the Thai governments number one priority.

The Thai government more than proved that this week when a British national was sentenced to fourteen years in a Thai prison for raping 2 young Thai girls. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s excellent that they are jailing this creep of a pedophile…it’s just the way this case transpired that gives Thailand yet another black eye.

Eight years ago in 2001 Maurice John Praill, then age 69, was arrested for the rape of 2 young Thai girls . His case came to trial at the same time and he was found guilty of the crimes levied against him. The judge handed down a 14 year prison sentence. Now, I can hear you saying  that’s great, so whats the problem here? The problem here is that this pedophile appealed his case immediately and was allowed free on bail until the conclusion of the appeal…this week!

Mr. Praill, the pedophile, was released back into the community he lived in, Pattaya, where he continued sexually abusing children in the community for the past eight years! Mr Praill has had six more charges of child sexual abuse levied against him in that time!  After he got bail in the first case he was arrested again in 2004 for sexually abusing two girls aged 9 and 11. The last arrest came as he was having an 8 year old Thai boy brought to him at his Pattaya villa for sex.

Sudarat Sudarat, of Thailand’s National Child Protection Committee,  described the Praill case as ‘scandalous’.

“He could have been abusing our children for twenty years yet nobody has put him behind bars. I am shocked they have let him go again.

”We have spoken to some of his child victims. They call him ‘The Ghost’ because of his frightening appearance.”

This case shows exactly where the priorities lie for the government of Thailand. Harry Nicolaides was arrested and jailed as soon as he entered the country. He remained in jail for 4 months until his trial. He was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail and he was summarily removed to that same jail where he is now. All of this for one sentence about a member of the Royal family in an obscure book that no one bought, much less read.

Mr. Praill on the other hand, who committed very real and violent crimes against Thai nationals, was allowed out on bail to continue his sick crimes against Thailand’s children.

Congratulations are in order to the Thai government for keeping Thailand safe from Harry Nicolaides at the expence of their own children!

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    6 thoughts on “Thailand in the news Week Ending 11/07/09

    1. ‘This begs the question…If a dog and a monkey can become friends and help one another out why is it that human beings who are of the same species often find it difficult to do the same?’

      Good question. And I guess it does not help that I dislike monkeys…

      At the time I thought Jimmy Carter was weak. But after I compared him to other presidents, he came across as being quite smart (but having more than his share of bad luck).

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..L-Lingo: Learn Thai Online for Free =-.

    2. That is one grim looking Mr Shinawatra in the top photo. If the story is true then the look could become a permanent one.

      Mr Carter is off to make houses in Chiang Mai. There will be plenty of peanuts for him to chew on as he reflects on the massive task ahead for Habitat for Humanity. It’s a great cause but maybe sprucing up some of the smaller towns would be a good start.

      The monkey on the mutt, I love this one and you summed up mankind with your finishing statement.

      Another good review and in my opinion the best so far. A big well done to the news editor.

      .-= Martyn´s last blog ..Wang Pho Elephant Camp =-.

    3. Talen, Fair enough.

      Pssst… Years ago I would spend hours discussing politics online. No longer.

      Because even though politicians and monkeys are equally disliked by me, I’d rather spend a short time throwing cheap shots at nasty monkeys, than sleepless nights going ’round and ’round equally nasty issues.

      Politics, religion, and Mac/PC… at least I’ve learned something over the years

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..L-Lingo: Learn Thai Online for Free =-.

    4. And that’s why it is so nice to be out here.

      Sure, we get the news. But it is mostly skimmed off the top. Not the local, daily and very intimate details.

      So Maggie, Tony, Obama… look better from afar.

      And if not, squinting is always an option.

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..L-Lingo: Learn Thai Online for Free =-.

    5. Having spent a lot of time travelling and living in Thailand I am fully aware of the problems with a certain ex-prime minister but would rather comment on the wonderful story about the monkey and the dog than about issues that seem to have been going on forever.

      I love visiting temples and am always pleasantly surprised by what I see there so it comes as no shock to discover a dog has adopted a baby monkey. As the writer states aren’t we supposed to be smarter than dogs…..?

      .-= Hostel Booking´s last blog ..The Land of Shenendoah =-.

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