Thai Students Selling Sex Via Internet

Bangkok Girls

Where to begin?  So, the Culture Minister of Thailand is concerned about Thai college students using social networking web sites to advertise themselves for sale with suggestive messages and pictures. The Culture Minister is so concerned that he has asked the Education Ministry and the Communication Technology Ministry as well as internet providers and police to keep an eye on this “recent trend”.

Some in Thailand’s upper echelon are blaming this trend on the downturn of the global economy while others are putting the blame on declining social values. It’s believed that these students aren’t poor but just want money to buy things…go figure.

Bar girls working on soi six in PattayaSo, to recap, women in Thailand are selling sex and using technology to do so. I just can’t believe it. Maybe if the Thai Cultural Minister took his blinders off he would have realized that this has been going on for decades and that over 300,000 Thais are involved in the sex industry in Thailand. I’m betting he already knows this, but because the vast majority of Thais involved in the sex trade are from rural Thailand, are poor and uneducated, he just doesn’t care.

It seems the only time the sex industry becomes a problem in Thailand is when upper class educated Thais get involved. My guess is that this becomes an embarrassment to the upper class and that just won’t do.

Maybe the Thai Cultural Minister can address the Thai on Thai racism and classism that takes place between the rural poor and the Bangkok elite. Maybe if there were equal opportunities in areas such as education and employment the Thai Cultural Minister might be more concerned about all Thais in the sex trade. As it stands now it is only a problem because it involves the elite and their embarrassment over the issue. I wonder if the Cultural Minister realizes how the rest of the world perceives Thailand…I wonder if that would embarrass him?

Mike over at My Thai Friend made some pretty good observations as well in his post Sex and University Students-Thailand.

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    8 thoughts on “New Years 2011 in Thailand

    1. Talen, you have a great (safe) New Years as well. I was hearing about all the accidents in Pattaya already today – ambulances are said to be doing a roaring trade – and it’s not even dusk.

    2. “I have witnessed no less than 5 motorcy accidents all involving poles or parked cars…or buildings”

      I shouldn’t laugh, but your statement reminded me of Ramadhan in a Muslim country.

      Muslims spend the entire holy month fasting. They go without food as well as water during daylight hours.

      Being without water can be quite dire in tropical Borneo, so traffic accidents are common.

      Many times I watched them drive cars into stationary objects – in slow motion.

      No one is usually hurt. So taking the dangerous element out of the equation, it can often be quite hilarious to watch.

      It is clearly amongst the top head shaking moments of life…

    3. Talen hope you have a great time in Pattaya. We have a sort of street party on the soi down here.

      Quite funny really because the guy who is hosting it has just been a monk for a week or so, but came back from the Wat as its his birthday too today.

      Loads of police out and about here but the check points are a joke well maybe they do serve a purpose but I guess you can figure out what that is

      Happy New Year

    4. Talen thanks for a great year’s worth of entertainment and information about everything Thai.

      From myself, Wilai and lining the mutts up from left to right, Cola, Gaan, Pepsi and Mackie, all the best for 2011. Have a great year.

    5. Talen , yes it was a good year , a few lows but mostly all highs , I think after getting your feet wet that 2011 will be a great year for you , I’m wishing you the best from Ciejay and me . Malcolm

    6. And a big Happy 2011 to you Talen. Thanks for entertaining us from Pattaya.

      And 2010 was a biggie for both of us, since we closed up shop back in our respective countries and set out for tropical horizons. What a change and what a challenge. But challenges are good.

      Will catch up with you real soon in Pattaya!

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