Thai Treats & More Rain

There are many Thai treats to be had but these are up near the top of my list. Crispy little crepes filled with marshmallow goodness and fruit. I’ve been eating these tasty treats since my first trip to the Kingdom in 2006. Unfortunately I don’t know what they are called so maybe one of you out there can enlighten me and I can stop calling them crispy marshmallow goodness.

Been raining pretty much every day but nothing to be bothered by. Day starts off sunny then at some point a storm breaks out for an hour or two and then the sun returns. Hardly a vacation breaker, especially when I have my crispy marshmallow goodness & shopping to do at Big C!

In other news the ASEAN Summit begins in Pattaya this week and the red shirts have already started protesting outside one of the hotels. Could be a very interesting week leading up to Songkran…will keep you posted.

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    5 thoughts on “Living Like a Thai Day 18: Once in a Blue Moon

    1. BB, BangkokBuddy is also known as Mr Balanced-Budget.

      Stick with his many ideas and you will have many insights to a Balanced Budget in Thailand.

    2. At one time I was able to make a schedule when all the bar parties were so I would never have to buy dinner. The trick would be to limit your drinks so they cost less than what you’d spend going out. If you spend 1000 baht at the bar to save 200 baht on a meal it stops making sense I guess.

    3. Talen I think you’re buying the right kind of oats in Pattaya, the other ‘oats’ is a lot more expensive although much more enjoyable.

      Keep going, July is on its way and when you make it and are about to hit the town big time you’ll find out the bars are all shut for the election.

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