Thai Sanook Karaoke Style

Karaoke at Singing Paradise in Pattaya

Thai’s love Sanook ( fun ) and no place epitomizes fun for Thai’s like the Karaoke joint.  Karaoke has always been hugely popular amongst Asians but it never really caught on in the west. I’ve always been of the mind that that is a good thing. It just never seemed like fun to me to go to a place where grown men and women get drunk and sing Phil Collins songs…then again I never want to be drunk, or sober for that matter,  and hear Phil sing either.

Singing Paradise in PattayaIn Thailand you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a karaoke club. They are attached to restaurants, bars and even mini marts. If you want to sing there is a karaoke club to accomodate you any time night or day from Bangkok to Nakhon Phanom.The only place I was reasonably sure that didn’t have a karaoke club was on the family farm in Nakhon Phanom, I was proven wrong when an impromptu party broke out one night and the karaoke computer and sound system appeared on the front lawn.

As much as I’ve always hated the idea in the west I’ve found the karaoke places in Thailand to be a great source of fun and good times but you have to adhere to these 3 rules. You must bring at least 3 Thai women with you, you must order at least 2 bottles of whiskey and you have to sing at least 2 Thai songs no matter if you know the language or not.

Singing Paradise in Pattaya Finding the right private room for karaoke is important Checking another karaoke room

You see, going out for karaoke isn’t something you do half hearted for an hour or so until something else comes up. No, karaoke is an all night affair complete with meals if it is done right and if you follow the rules and bring at least 3 Thai women there is no doubt that it will be done right.

The photos contained herein were taken the last night of my stay in Pattaya last trip at one of my favorite karaoke houses just off of Pattaya Klang. The place is called Singing Paradise and features a full service restaurant and karaoke bar in the front and private karaoke houses in the back that you rent by the hour. You get your own personal attendant with the house that will help out with finding songs and reboot the equipment as necessary as well as take food and drink orders.

Private karaoke house

Searching for songs to sing The heart of the operation The fuel

Inside the little private houses there is usually some comfortable furniture, a table or two and the karaoke setup which includes a T.V. and sound system. And, of course,  a hard drive with at least 2000 Thai songs on it. There is usually a few western songs to choose from but not too many and yes, there is usually a Phill Collins song or two included.

The pre singing snacks of hot roasted cashews with peppers Main course...singing makes one hungry Thai girls eat fast

The fun Singing the night away Happy Thai girls: Pookie, Oat and Boom

The Karaoke night we had on the family farm included all the essentials with all the neighbors showing up with food and drink. Much singing and dancing was done but since it was an older crowd most of the songs were older as well.  I never thought I would be one to have a great time with karaoke anywhere in the world but if you live in Thailand, visit,  or plan to visit Thailand make sure to add at least a night of karaoke to the agenda. I promise you that you will have a night to remember.

Local neighbors singing on the farm There must be dancing Mix master Pookie

The video’s below are probably going to spell my doom if a certain Thai woman named Pookie see’s this but I’ll take the chance. The first was recorded at Singing Paradise in Pattaya and the second at Karaoke night on the family farm in Nakhon Phanom.

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    6 thoughts on “Wood Carving at The Sanctuary of Truth

    1. The photos in your Sanctuary of Truth gallery are amazing – the detail in the carvings is exquisite, and I’m not at all surprised that it’s decades until completion! I hope to visit Thailand one day, hopefully, before I’m too old and infirm to enjoy an adventure.

      Layne | Crete Delightss last blog post..Crete, Rethymnon Beach Lothario Captured!

    2. Hi Talen, in consideration of the fact that my Asian travels, which brought me to Thailand many times, changed my life entirely i.e. made me change my profession into art and design I am really sad that I missed the opportunity to visit Nakala – which is even new to me. This would have been the eye opener #1 for my life I think. Never mind – I can imagine that this place will be a true place of deep worship and hopefully a true eyeopener for many people.

      Btw – if you care to see – I have quite a lot of photographs from my travels to Thailand on my website: under Photo Travels

      Lagon, Petra

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    3. Its nice to read your article about sancitury of truth and that pictures which is showing the great art to made elephent by wood.

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