What Thailand Really Needs is…

I had an interesting conversation with Catherine of Women Learn Thai last night that really made me sit back and think about what I would like to see for Thailand in the future.

Catherine is very passionate about a number of things in Thailand but one of her biggest passions is the law concerning seat belt use. I had thought it was the law that everyone in the car must have a seat belt on but Cat quickly corrected me to the fact that only the front passengers are legally required to wear a seat belt.  A lot of cars in Thailand don’t even come with rear seat belts. If something were done about this many more lives could be saved yearly in Thailand, even if some people still disregarded the law.

Obviously as westerners we are all coming from countries that over time have mandated certain aspects of life for health and safety reasons, while they haven’t always been in the consumers best interest they have definitely changed the way we live our lives.

With that in mind I started thinking about the things that I believe need to be changed in Thailand that would result in a better way of life.

  • Remove all elephants from city streets in all of Thailand and make it illegal for regular citizens to own an elephant.
  • Curb the use and manufacture of plastic bags. In a country with thousands of weavers and bakets for sale there has to be a way to become less dependent on plastic bags.  As Catherine pointed out to me, even Burma is enacting laws to curb the use of plastic bags and reverting to using news papers for a lot of things.Ban on Plastic Bags Extended to Rangoon
  • No more than 2 passengers on a motorcycle. How many times have you seen 4-6 people on a small motorcycle including babies and young children, all of which not wearing a helmet. I would think this might save a life or two over time.
  • All pet sales have to be through licensed shops and all animals such as dogs and cats must be spayed/neutered and licensed before given to the new owner. The stray dog and cat population in Thailand is a very sad sight that impacts everyone. How many people are bitten a year and have to go through rabies shots? How many animals needlessly suffer?
  • Removal of the Lèse-Majesté laws. They are archaic, abused and have no place in a democratic society.

This is my list and of course these things are much easier said than done but even the longest of journeys begin with one single step.

What would you add to the list?

More importantly what do you think you,  as a foreigner and an individual,  can do to make a difference in Thailand and possibly make it a better place?

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    5 thoughts on “Five of the best golf courses in Thailand

    1. I’m not much of a golfer, pretty much minigolf only. Surprised there isn’t more of those around. About four years ago I took my date to one on Beach road, it was the most horrible minigolf experience ever. It was unkept, full of mosquitoes, and way too hard. She had never golfed before and I had to apologize profusly for such a bad time, as I really had to push her to go in the first place. Last time I was there it looked like it was out of business, not surprising as we were the only ones there when we went.

    2. I don’t golf either but mainly due to those who do… but maybe Thais would be more forgiving of someone taking SIX +++ tries to hit their balls each time.

      What? We don’t get more than one?

    3. Ahhh so busy so busy, not enough time to blog…

      As a subject change I will be in Thailand next month. I am thinking of going with my wife to Chutatuk(?) Park in Bangkok for Loy Kratong. After all this is the ‘offical’ story of how we met, according to government records; but I’d like to experience it ‘again’. Anyone ever been there for that event?

    4. I think the place was great and good for vacation. We are planning to go somewhere next month and thank God I find the place. My husband really loves golf and probably, he will like the place. Thanks for sharing!

    5. I am not into Golfing, but I love to appreciate good things… Look at the pictures, they are so great! What a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for sharing these pictures… They are all lovely.

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