Wandering throughout Thailand

Mom's Folder

When I’m in Thailand I become a different person than I am in The U.S.  I become more of an explorer and while I’m not discovering new lands or people I am discovering more of myself and the Thailand that I have grown to love. Thailand isn’t perfect by any means but it’s so far off the beaten track in terms of cultural differences of what I know that it seems like it could be perfect.

I think we all find something in our lives that bring on such feelings at one time or another, it’s what shapes us and makes us who we are. It’s not so much the destination or that perfect sunset picture but the journey that led to it. I become a nomad of sorts when the plane touches down in Bangkok, wandering from place to place searching for something more, something else. The best part is that I am a digital nomad so I can take pictures and share my journey with anyone that wants to come along.

In 2007 I sent pictures home daily to my brother who printed them out to show to my mother, who was otherwise worried about her youngest son being on his own in Thailand for an extended stay. Mom passed away last December, but not before showing me a large folder with all the printed out pictures and emails I had sent over 5 weeks while I was in Thailand. They meant something to her because Thailand meant something to me. A year on and her laugh is still dearly missed.

It’s the little things that are most important, like the folder of my journey that my Mom kept or the fact that I have it now and even though I lived through the journey this folder means more to me than the journey itself…because it meant something to her.

No matter where you are in life, take pictures and make memories that you can share with those you love. And remember to keep an eye out for those little things because they are often the things that hold the most meaning although we sometimes overlook them.

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