Thai BBQ For You

I’ve been absolutely miserable the last two weeks trying to shake this flu bug I’ve had, I don’t know what particular strain it is but it has definitely knocked me down for the count. Now that I’m finally starting to come out of my haze the only thing that has been on my mind is Thai BBQ.

I haven’t eaten much since I got sick but now that I am hungry I really have a serious need for some delicious Thai BBQ. Since I’m driving myself nuts with something I can’t get to at the moment I figured I’d share some Thai BBQ pictures from a great place just off Pattaya Klang in Pattaya.

If you are in Pattaya and get the chance definitely make plans to eat out one night at this Thai BBQ, your stomach will be happy you did.

I’ll be getting back to normal posting this week and I have some really good stuff coming up, so hopefully this leaves you hungry for a little more.

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    9 thoughts on “Thai Ingenuity

    1. What an fabulous post! No one in Thailand is left untouched by the ingenious ways the Thais fix the things around them.

      And because we live with it every day, I’ll bet more than a few Thai bloggers (me included) are now saying, ‘why haven’t I written a post focusing on Thai ingenuity?’

      Now thinking of all the times I’ve grinned at Thai ways has made me smile.

      And you made my morning

      Catherines last blog post..Chris Pirazzi at

    2. Interesting post and so true. I don’t know about you, but i have started to do similar things.

      Before living here I would have probably replaced an item, now I try and come up with a fix that is not always conventional.

      BTW can’t figure out the last one!

      Mikes last blog post..Thailand Time.

    3. I think the ingenuity really does go cap in hand with the lack of satang. Most of us could probably fix or make better broken items rather than replace them and Thai’s are masters at this. Your posing question has got me stabbing in the dark but I’m gonna go for and be completely wrong….a carwash.

      Martyns last blog post..Meet The Boys

    4. ‘Unfortunately it didn’t save the business it served but I bet it helped out a great deal on rainy days’

      As the water is slightly brown, it couldn’t be for drinking water, could it?

      When I lived on Borneo, the Thais at the only decent Thai restaurant there would collect rain water.

      They would then boil the rain water with pandang leaves to mask the taste and kill any bugs lurking.

      The first time I tasted pandang water I wasn’t too sure. After, I requested it over bottled water.

      The taste is quite distinct and very pleasant once you get used to it.

      Yet another Thai fix…

    5. Ingenious post about Thai ingenuity! Glad I read your answer about the plastic bag first. I immediately had this image of Thai workers being caught short while doing some building work higher up, and using this contraption to ensure passers-by didn’t get an unwelcome shower.

      Shows how my mind works

      Pete – FrogBloggers last blog post..That old chestnut… farang men, Thai girls

    6. Another nice example: a Thai friend of mine who owns a guesthouse has a huge fan in the bar, but if you touch it you’ll get electrified. After a few of the guests asked him to fix it, he took a can of pink paint and wrote on the fan: Do not touch!

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