A Season for Giving Back to Thailand & a Challenge to You

Catherine Wentworth over at Women Learn Thai wrote an excellent article today on The Set Foundation and the important work they do, The Set Foundation: A Season for Giving Back. This is not only a worthwhile cause but a way for us to give back to the country we love so dearly. Please take a few minutes out of your busy day to visit Women Learn Thai and read about this wonderful charity.

From the Set Foundation website:

The SET Foundation has a very specific aim: to make a difference. That difference is between a youngster being able to study at a vocational college or university, or instead having to labor in the rice paddies, on a Bangkok building site, or in some other mundane, dead-end job.

Now, I know the economy has been bad and many people are still struggling to get by, especially during the holiday season. I am also among the struggling but I am committing to donating the adsense earnings that Thailand Land of Smiles has earned for the month of December to the cause.

My adsense earnings for the month have been down but as it stands I will be able to donate 5000 baht and now I want to challenge you, my readers, to contribute to the cause as well. If you can find it in your hearts to donate even as little as 500  baht ( $15.00 ) that would be awesome and if you don’t have the money,  but have a website or blog, if you could spread the word that would be awesome too. If you could do both that would be even more than awesome.

If you have a blog or website and want to spread the word make sure to throw some love Catherine’s way and link to her article on the Set Foundation. If you do make a donation or use your time to spread the word please come back here and let me know in the comments and I will  be sure to add your name to this post as well as a link to your blog or website.

A small gift during the holidays will be remembered for a little while but this small donation will be remembered for a lifetime.

Those that have contributed:

Mike of My Thai Friend

Steve of Thailand Musings

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    21 thoughts on “I Have Dengue Fever

    1. Talen, sorry to hear you are sick. This is a serious condition but at least it sounds like you are on the way to recovery.

      Unfortunately many folk here are unaware of Dengue or indeed Malaria, I actually read a good article on the subject the other day by Photo-Journ in which he was saying one mosquito can carry two types of Dengue.

      Last year you may recall Jungle Girl aka My Jungle Life had a bout on Samui.

      I’m off to the jungles of Kaeng Krachen tomorrow, so lots of repellent I fancy.

      Get well soon.

    2. Get well soon!

      Like most people who grew up in Asia and the tropics I have had dengue fever several times, from Singapore and Cairns, with varying degrees of suffering, all not good. Everyone I know who has had dengue, nearly everyone I knew from school days, were exposed to it at home or school, luckily I have never know anyone directly who has died.

      The worst thing about it in Thailand is that in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Australia they notify the public immediately when, and where, there is an increase in infection rates and normally start eradication programs (house and garden cleanups, fogging etc) however in Thailand they seem to push it under the rug even when there are wide spread infection rates.

    3. Good lord Talen, what next? No, don’t answer that. You’ve certainly been having a bad run of luck healthwise. Here’s hoping that this is your last ailment for a very long time. Hope you’re back to feeling 100% soon!

    4. Talen, get well real soon. Being sick is never fun. Hope you have good friends to see you through this episode.

    5. just curious… do you mind telling us where in pattaya you were hanging out at when you got the dengue fever?

      I would like to avoid the area if I can.

    6. Talen – Reading your story I was afraid it wasn’t going to end on a positive note. Glad you are recovering.

      FYI: I lived in Pattaya in 1969/1970. It was a different world then!

    7. Sorry to hear about the bad luck Talen. Yeah you wanted Thailand in all its splendor, unfortunately there’s bad mixed in with the good

      Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery and no repeat of any episode like this.

    8. I’m with Snap – what’s next??? It’s gotten to be such a way of life for you that if I haven’t heard from you I email to make sure that you are ok.

      And no matter how sick you are, you are always in a great mood. I find that amazing.

      So please get better soon – BKK awaits you!

    9. You are keeping the wrong company.

      If you watch the solitary farang in a restaurant surrounded by dozens of Thais you will se it is only him who is doing the St. Vitus dance whilst the Thais are just chatting and ignoring the local insect life. Thai mosquitoes love farangs; our blood is their foie gras.

      So now I always take with me a token farang who I park in the corner of wherever I am. Isolated as he is the mosquitoes choose him as an easy target leaving me well alone.

      It is best to choose someone you are not that fond of and who enjoys his own human company.

    10. Sorry, mate, I’ve been out of circulation, being back in Canada, but just caught up with your latest (unwanted) adventure. You got the thing figured out quickly and dealt with it in the only way you can: fluids and rest. Good for you!

      I think many people could learn a lot from your post, including me. Too bad you had to go through it personally instead of merely researching it, which of course you did afterward.

      Be good to have a followup report because a) we want to know how you’re doing and b) how the recovery progressed.

      Will catch up with you in Pattaya or BKK in late May/early June. (I’m actually returning to TH a couple of weeks earlier than planned because, frankly, the weather really REALLY sucks here. People are saying they’ve never experienced such an awful spring.)

    11. I hope by the time this comment reaches you, you are feeling right as rain. Because I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the Thailand woods, but it’s been steady Betty up North.

      Big hug, but could you not get too close ;P

    12. I take a hot-blooded farang (not just any farang) because mozzies are attracted to body heat.

      And that’s why the Thais don’t get bit (when was the last time you saw a sweaty Thai?) and westerners often do.

      So if you are that token hot-blooded farang either stay in the cool, take along a bucket, or sit under a hose. Because mozzie spray does not last for long.

    13. Sorry to hear you are sick. At least you are already recovering.

      This is a really interesting article: first, your descriptions are really useful. Second I at least wasn’t aware that I was exposed to this problem. It seems one of those things that always happen “to other people”.

      I have a site for the Spanish community in Thailand. If you want a translation of your post, just let me know. I think it’s better to raise awareness about this problem.

    14. Talen

      I hope you are now well on the road to recovery. I’m sure your upbeat spirit will pull you round quicker than most.

      Best wishes from Udon Thani.

    15. Well, what kind of a story. Glad to read that you are doing better and it seems that you are on the way to recover. All the best for you.

    16. Oh, my. How horrible. I’ve had malaria before and am terrified of getting a bug-borne disease like that again! Hope you’re on the mend.

    17. I guess you recovered already.. we got dengue last year as many our friends as well… it was bad, but passed in several days.

    18. If its an concellation at least you diddnt come down with malaria. Hopefully you’re full recovered now, dengue doesn’t stick with you like malaria either so its all in the past!

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