Thai Women & the Issan Silicone Farm

Your average Asian woman is a delicate flower,  with delicate features that compliment her usually delicate frame. Small hands, small feet, small ears and almost always small breasts. Thai women, being Asian,  are no different in this regard and the biggest thing you’re most likely to ever notice on a Thai woman is her smile.

As with most women if you talk to a Thai woman long enough you’ll find she isn’t happy or satisfied with certain of her body features. Where her Western counterpart wants darker skin, perkier breasts,  smaller bodies and bigger eyes and lips the Thai woman wants lighter skin, smaller noses, thinner lips and larger breasts…much larger breasts.

Like most men who travel to Asia, I am attracted to Asian women and have been ever since I can remember. Their small delicate features definitely play a part in that attraction I suppose and I don’t have a problem with small breasts, as a matter of fact I prefer small breasts. I’ve never seen the attraction of large breasts but then again I’ve always been more of an ass man,  so what do I know.

Large breasts will make any woman stand out in a crowd but large breasts on a Thai woman, or ladyboy for that matter,  is definitely something quite hard to dismiss. Being with a Thai woman I don’t get smacked for looking, more often than not it is something that is pointed out to me by my Thai girl that has an unhealthy fascination with large breasts.

In just about every situation that I have been with Thai women and a surgically enhanced model enters the room I always hear the same thing, ” Oh look, isn’t she beautiful”, “She has big milk, very lovely” or something else in the same vein of adulation for the big breasted girl who just toppled over into the room. In more than a few of those cases I wondered just how in the hell a woman that tiny with huge breasts was defying physics and not constantly falling flat on her face boobs.

More often than not these surgically enhanced creatures have a falang boyfriend or husband who also like big breasts and more than a few work or have worked in the night life industry and see large breasts as merely a business expense that will help better their bottom line. Either way some one has shelled out 50-80 thousand baht for a new set of knockers and usually everyone involved in the silicone transaction is more than satisfied with the results.

I was surprised my first trip up country to see quite a few Thai women with enhanced front ends, although I shouldn’t have been. It still bothers me though, I mean, you wouldn’t change the Mona Lisa by painting a bigger smile on her…would you? I may be in the minority on this issue but I feel like there really needs to be a Save the Small Breast Foundation set up somewhere to educate Thai women on their natural beauty.

Of course this rant comes on the heels of a conversation I had with my girl the other night regarding said silicone seductiveness that has been, once again,  brought to my attention. You see, she has many old school friends that she grew up with that have  ended up in falang relationships and almost half of them have had breast implants in the past 2 years. Invariably when another friend shows up in Nakhon Phanom or Mukdahan I get the phone call and the following conversation takes place.

Pookie: Hi Teelac, how are you? I have something to ask you.

Me: Good Teelac, what is it you want to ask?

Pookie: Teelac, I want big milk…you can do?

Me: Yes Teelac, I can do…do you need a gallon or will a half gallon be okay?

Pookie: Teelac! You know I mean big nom. My friend come today and she get…very beautiful Teelac I want to be beautiful too.

Me: Teelac you are already beautiful and I love your small nom.

Pookie: But Teelac I will look much better and clothes will look very very good on me.

Me: Teelac you don’t need and besides big nom cost 50 thousand baht easy,  then you need all new bra and shirts.

Pookie: Yes Teelac, new clothes make me look more beautiful. You can do?

Me: Okay Teelac I’ll tell you what…I’ll buy one big nom and if everything works out ok we can talk about the second one in a year or so.

Pookie: Teelac!!! One no good! …need two.

Me: We’re negotiating Teelac. You like large nom and I like small nom. This way we are both happy.

Pookie: grrrrrr

Me: You should have that cold looked at Teelac, you sound a lil horse…

And the conversation is put away for another rainy day when the next friend comes back to town sporting a  brand new set of silicone breasts that will mesmerize all the village girls into seeing a more seductive silicone future.

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    8 thoughts on “Pattaya Bed Race 2011 in Pictures

    1. Definitely doing this event next year Talen – saw it on PPTV a couple of weeks back and wished I’d heard about it sooner. Looks like you’re enjoying LOS – Cheers, ben

    2. Talen, there are now two things I’d like to see in Pattaya – the Bed Race and Glitter Man. But I’d have to tempt them to Bangkok to make it so

    3. Talen it seems hardly a year since you last reported on the bed race. Now you are settled in living in LOS.

      I wonder what the Thais make of the actual idea of a bed race? I say this that many of them sleep on the floor rather than in a bed.

      Perhaps something like “Waste of a good bed?”

      Great pictures as always.

    4. Talen, I’ll have to pass on that experience as I’m a lass who does not partake in the nightly bed-hopping scene in BKK. No matter how entertaining

    5. Haha yeah that’s a good idea! Should be a messy night then I’ll have to run with 2 beds tho, as I want to enter our gardening lot – I reckon they’ll do well cos their all in pretty good nick… as you say, its a great oppo for business!

    6. Talen I must agree with Mike and say it doesn’t seem a year since you posted on the 2010 event. Time flies as fast as the Pattaya Police Station bed race crew.

      I bet the Champagne A Go Go girls got a big cheer and a few lewd remarks too.

      Great pictures and a few cute girls hidden among them I see.

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