Sex in Thailand’s Universities

Above is a short video made by a Thai college student exploring the sexual attitudes of Thai teenagers and how the Thai culture is slowly changing because of it. While it’s not an in depth study the responses of the university students and adults to the questions posed are quite telling.

Obviously teenage sex has been going on since the beginning of time but in Thai culture it has largely been a thing that wasn’t spoken about in the past. Showing affection in public such as holding hands and kissing has been frowned  upon culturally in Thailand but those taboos are changing with the younger generation.

Western influence is sure to have played some role in the changing attitudes but listening to the responses you hear a fair bit of safe sex talk which includes condoms and also the potential risks of teen sex such as pregnancy, something western society still finds hard to discuss openly.

Another interesting tidbit is one question about how University uniforms are being made more sexy by the students or being discarded altogether for more casual and sexy street wear and how at least in one mans mind that could lead to rape.

Like I said it is a short video but something I found very interesting.

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    7 thoughts on “A Rainy Day in Pattaya

    1. Pics say it all for this day. a very wet day indeed.

      I noticed that slideshow mode does not work. Is there an app for that?

    2. Cat – that learning Thai via Skype is a wonderful idea. Khun Narisa is definitely an early adopter, picking this tech. 7 years ago. Brilliant.

    3. Thanks Joe. I’m enjoying it a great deal (well, except for hearing my own voice in the recordings after).

      And looking at Talen’s photos remind me what a pain it can be to get around Thailand in the rainy season. So taking Thai via Skype makes even more sense.

    4. Talen is that rain….or did you leave your apartment front door open.

      The sight of Pattaya, even in a storm, makes me pine a bit.

      The photos?….South Pattaya Road near to the Soi Buakhao turning.

    5. Five things that changed Talen’s life:

      He feels right at home in the rainy season.

      The Royal meteorological engineers open a branch office in his building.

      Homepro starts selling giant stoppers called the Talen.

      Waterpik releases a new line of showerheads called Talentech.

      TAT, seeing a new tourism initiative, park a bamboo Ark outside his building.

      You ain’t heard the last of this

    6. Rain is only water. It helps clean the streets of Patatya and makes for a good fun night if you get stuck in a bar complex. Now, if they could just fix the sewers, it would be great.

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