Thailand in the News Week Ending 5/22/10

Bangkok Besieged

Instead of adding more commentary and opinion this week I think it’s best to let the story be told in pictures.

It is both maddening and saddening to see the Thai on Thai violence that has taken place this week in Bangkok and elsewhere throughout Thailand. It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case I would say these pictures are worth a thousand heartbreaks or more. All of the following pictures come from AP, Reuters and the BBC; some of the following pictures are very graphic in nature.

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    40 thoughts on “Followup to the Pattaya Jet Ski Scam

    1. Talen….Keep this up my man. Don’t stop giving the assholes a hard time no matter what. It’s way past time the scammers were exposed. If Mt. Mayor won’t do anything…I know this feller with a trusty 12 gauge pump.

      Keep on keepin on…


    2. Great Job, keep the pressure on. It is unbelievable that the mayor of Pattaya can, even for one second, think he is doing anything more than a horrible job and a huge disservice to his country. What a shame.

    3. keep up the good work even if the scam will not be eradicated after all TIT, the more people that are educated about these scum the better

    4. The sikh guy pictured is also in on it i have seen him heaps of times trying to be friendly to fellow indians but he is a scammer and is only there for one reason.

    5. There are quite a few pictures of him on the secrets site also taken by striderman.

      You have also captured one of the russian guys in your previous pics, well done.

    6. that sikh guy is in on it.

      i have photos of him at 2 scams and have seen him at many others. he drives a white motorcycle with 490 on the plate. i think his advice is probably telling the indians to pay up as these are nasty guys and u will have big trouble with the police etc etc.

      if he was realy interfering on behalf of the tourists he would have had his head kicked in by now.

      the cop with the tash must do little other work he is always on the scene.

      looking at them examining the ski pics i would guess at SD card removed from camera and photoshopped while they were out on the bay and replaced before their return.

    7. looking at the pics again there are several sikhs. to avoid confusion

      the old guy who helps the scammers has a navy headcover light col shirt dark trousers white hair and glasses.

    8. One thing that interests me is the Pattaya media response to this scam. The fact that there are so many different magazines and newspapers in different languages should mean that all tourists are given plenty of warning. The amount of money involved certainly makes it important information for all travellers to the area. I would expect it to be front page of all the printed media and for there to be plenty of coverage on the local TV satiations and radio aimed at tourists. If this isn’t happening then the question need to be asked why not? Surely this isn’t all been left up to an unpaid reporter to make this public.

    9. Talen not sure if you missed my point before you are aware but your links are not going to this


      the page they are going to is showing no content

    10. Great work, good photos.. and yes it is a bit of a danger for you, but excellent of you to be warning people and hopefully the Gov can get this closed down/resolved.

    11. Talen I think it would be better because then can comment and also get to see many more links on the scam.

    12. It was confirmed to me via an off the record conversation by one of the foreign tourist police in Soi 9 station, that the local Thai police are getting 20% of the scam money.

      This is why NOTHING is being don’t about this scam. They are raking in the cash day in and day out. Why would anyone stop this cash cow?

      Just because someone is a government official or wears a badge, it doesn’t except them from corruption.

      Rule #1: FOLLOW THE MONEY

    13. Yes, several Sikhs are involved. They are also involved in Pattaya’s child porn ring, selling the child porn DVDs out of their tailor shops.

    14. I saw the same cop come and assist the big Russian guy near the Royal Garden.

      When he showed up, the big guy smiled and put his arm around him.

      Old pals it seems.

    15. It is good to know that other people are reporting this. I’d hate to think that you were sticking your neck out alone.

    16. I am looking forward to seeing another installment of this Pattaya Jet Ski Scam saga.

      Be careful by the way.

    17. There was a letter in pattaya one last issue where they were seen taking the sd card out and heading off on a motorbike while the scammers were out in the water.

      So they most likely go to a shop close by and photoshop it.

    18. Hi Talen,

      It’s great to see and read your stories and articles on Thailand lands of smiles..

      I’m so impressed to read what you write on this blog..

      You are not only promoting the Tourism in Thailand but helping as well to make aware of the scams and wrong doings by some bad people.

      In fact this is something incredible job that you are doing as a person and a blogger … I guess you have that courage and will power to take this challenge , despite of all chances of threats and danger in the other hand..

      I’m sure that all Sincere and honest Thai people and the Tourists as well would always appreciate your work…

      Best sincere Regards.

      Alok Singh

    19. looks like sustained pressure on the mayor has got his attention.

      I hope some improvement will follow but at least he has made a start.

    20. Talen a big well done to you. I checked the mayor’s Facebook page and there he is on Pattaya beach. I think you may well have irked the boy into action. Maybe, just maybe, something might now be done to stop tourists getting ripped off.

      Keep on your guard because the jet ski scammers aren’t going to like having their purse-strings cut.

    21. Well done sir. The same problem exists in Phuket but I have to say I would be to afraid to put this kind of thing on my Phuket blog.

    22. I dunno what you are all thinking but this jet-ski scam is one of the many scams going on in Thailand, scams with tourists and with Thai locals. Be Buddhist and just accept it … or fight against it like a year ago in BKK (because yes these scams are that big).

    23. The Indian guy, with the blue turban, next to the cop, is also involved in the scam. He is often called out to ‘help” Indians, and he gets his cut like everyone else.

    24. It sounds like perhaps something we should do is to lobby our governments, getting them to issue warning about Thailand scams.

      Talen is doing an admirable job here in trying to make people aware of what’s going, but as others have said, not enough people investigate potential problems before they travel to a foreign country. In those cases, I don’t have much sympathy for someone who doesn’t use a bit of time to take advantage of available information that could save him or her much trouble and money, but still we should all think about what we can do to to enlighten poor unsuspecting tourists.

    25. I commented a while back on this ,and my point is that already tourists have died because of jet skis traveling to fast in designated swimming and diving areas. They should just be banned from beaches or moved to an inland site.

      Its not just the scamming its the risk they impose on holiday makers.

    26. I love the way they all wear their Buddhist penants and go to the temples to pray, then think nothing of doing this kind of thing to tourists on a daily basis.

      Scum, the lot of them!!

      Just before anyone comments.. I’ve nothing against Buddhism, in fact when its principles are followed, it’s one of the most fair-minded of all the world’s religions. What i find incredibly iron, and widespread in Thailand is that everyone would appear to be a devout Buddhist, but the actions of so many are in direct contrast to the ideals of their religion.

      Have these criminals no shame whatsoever…??

    27. I wish someone would do the same expose in Phuket/Pat tong, even after many promises by the police it still goes on daily

    28. Hi Talen,

      Hope you allow this link to the Phuketwan , who describe a similar experience on Patong beach.

      It just shows that the scam just keeps going on, not just only in Pattaya!

    29. I think it would be better just to list the scams ,transportaion over charges , moped rental thief by the owners, police scams,real estate scams ,girlfriend scams ect. ect. because the people have been trained to separate you from your money from a young age. Yelling at on scam in one place will show how deep it goes but will not stop it ,the best way is to educate about all the scams. You won’t change Pattays mayor’s mind its a way of life. and I agree this could be very dangerous taking pictures they are making thousands of USD a day a very lot of money for a very lot of people be careful.

    30. i think the mayor cannot read or understand english or he is completely stupid or he himself is behind the scam..

    31. Your honesty and integrity are an encouragement to me back in the States.

      Thank you. You should be Mayor.


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