Must Have Thai Language iPhone Apps: Dr. Wit’s Library Edition

While getting ready for the big move I have been updating some gear such as my camera and laptop which led me to picking up a new 32 gig iPod touch. Music on the go was the main concern but being able to download movies, video’s and apps sealed the deal. After I filled the iPod Touch with music I started looking through all the apps that are available; specifically searching through the many Thai apps. Seeing as the touch uses most of the same apps as the i-Phone I was a happy camper.

Thanks to Cat over at Women Learn Thai I already had a head start on what to look for due to her extensive article on Thai language i-Phone apps entitled iPhone apps: Thai Language Phrase Books. As well,  Dan over at Absolutely Bangkok gave the low down on some of the best and most useful Thai iPhone apps in  Top Thai iPhone Apps.  Both of those articles were very useful and had me downloading apps right away.

As I was perusing the Thai apps available in the iTunes store I came across a Thai language app called Dr. Wit’s Library Edition that I hadn’t seen covered before and got the feeling that this app could fit my Thai language needs very well. After playing around with it for the past few days I think I have a good handle on it’s capabilities and  shortcomings, at least enough to give you my honest appraisal.

Dr. Wit’s Library Edition ( English /Thai, Thai/English, Thai /Thai dictionary ) $17.99

At first glance the features available in this app are pretty impressive:

3 in 1 Dictionary by Professor Dr. Wit Thiengburanathum.

The World’s Most Definitions and Most Entries English-Thai,Thai-English,Thai-Thai Library Edition.

Dictionary Features:

1.English-Thai: More than 4,000,000 entries.

2.Thai-English: More than 855,000 entries.

3.Thai-Thai: More than 855,000 entries.

4.Rapid-access Format.

5.Concise, Easy-to-understand Presentation of Information.

6.New Words survey.

7.Comprehensive, Easy-to-understand Presentation of Information.

8.Built-in full Functions.

9.Real Time and Quick look up Words.

10.Easy to Read Word Meanings with Smart Layouts.

App Features:

1. Faster program loading.

2. Quickly search alphabet index, partial match.

3. Editable history lists.

4. Display definition on lists.

5. Support for Thai with a fully function Thai keyboard.

6. Easy to read word meaning with smart layout.

7. No Required Internet Connections.

After playing with the Dr. Wit app for a few days I have to say I’m pretty impressed, but take that with a grain of salt as I am far from knowledgeable in the Thai language. The program is pretty intuitive and is a great weapon in my arsenal of Thai language tools. Since it doesn’t rely on the internet like so many iPhone apps I have the dictionary at my disposal wherever I am and I can already see where it will come in handy without carrying around a bulky dictionary.

Using both an English and Thai keyboard I can type any word then click on that word to give me the Thai translation which I can show to whoever I am talking with. They, in turn, can do the same by typing in Thai and showing me the word in English.

With the amount of words on offer this is really a useful app that I am very happy with already. Many times when speaking with my girl she will try to explain a word she is looking for but doesn’t know in English. With this app she can look it up quickly and show me immediately in English. For looking up words on the fly this is definitely what I was looking for.

Unfortunately,  There are some draw backs with this app as well. The Thai font is very small and hard to read with no way to enlarge it. Another problem is that the phonetic representation of a Thai word does not show the tone marks of the word. This is a significant omission, at least for the many English speaking users who do not know the tone rules. Lastly, the high price of $17.99 is sure to put some off.

Even with the obvious drawbacks I still think this is an app worth having and I am quite sure it will help in situations where I have gotten into trouble before. The fact that I can travel around Thailand listening to my favorite tunes and have such a powerful little dictionary at my disposal whenever I need it makes this app a winner and something I am sure to get my monies worth out of.

I’ve been playing around with a few other Thai apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that I’ll be reviewing in the near future when I have had some time to suss them out a little more.

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