Thailand in the News Week Ending 06/05/10

We Shall Call Her Reconciliation

Thailand baby Koala Reconciliation

Photo Courtesy AP/Chiang Mai Zoo

A baby koala born last year at the Chiang Mai Zoo in Northern Thailand finally got a name this week thanks to a 4 year old Thai Girl. The Chiang Mai Zoo held a contest to name the baby koala and out of 496 entries the winning entry came from little Lapassarada Mung-opas who had visited the zoo last month with her grandmother during the unrest in Bangkok and suggested the name Prong-dong — “Reconciliation”.

Lapassarada, who lives just North of Bangkok in Nonthaburi, will recieve 10,000 baht ( $310 ) and a lifetime pass to the Chiang Mai Zoo for her winning entry. When reached for comment little Lapassarada couldn’t be bothered as she was too busy with her cartoons to comment.

In related news…elsewhere in the world a baby Wiesel was born and affectionately named Thaksin…

David Carradine is Still Dead

David Carradine in better times

David Carradine, who died suspiciously (or perversely as it were) in Bangkok last year,  is making a comeback of sorts thanks to his widow. Not happy with the Bangkok investigation into Carradine’s death and with the case closed as it were with a finding of auto erotic asphyxiation as the cause, his widow is seeking closure elsewhere these days by going after the production company of his last film.

Forgetting for a moment that Carradine was an adult, an elderly adult at that, who had a penchant for odd sexual practices one wonders just how the production company could be responsible for his death?

Carradine was found alone in his Bangkok hotel hanging in a closet. More specifically, he was found hanging naked in the closet, a rope tied around his neck and genitals. Cause of death was asphyxiation by hanging that was not a suicide, as determined by Thai medical officials and a forensics expert hired by the Carradine family, who also performed a second autopsy.

Anne Carradine has levied a wrongful death suit against the French production company MS2 S.A. because she claims they broke their contractual obligation to Carradine to provide him with “all the best amenities” and “sufficient assistance” while he was in Bangkok shooting the movie Stretch. Among the allegations are that on the night of David Carradine’s death he was supposed to join the crew for dinner but was left behind by accident and was told to catch a taxi to the restaurant. Left to his own devices he instead hung himself accidentally.

Now, I may not be a legal savant but I have a feeling that using the theory that being left behind for dinner caused someone to hang themselves is a stretch at best. The suit also claims that Carradine was to have an assistant at all times but that never occurred. By having a full time assistant Anne Carradine feels her husband would still be with us. I’m betting if Carradine had an assistant that the poor bastard would be named as a part of this law suit as well. Assistant or not if you have a penchant for odd sexual practices nothing is going to stop you from having your fun.

What this is really about is money…he didn’t leave enough and someone has to fill the void.

What I still can’t wrap my head around is the fact that someone went to Bangkok,  of all places,  and masturbated to death.


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4 Responses to Thailand in the News Week Ending 06/05/10
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  2. Mike
    June 7, 2010 | 8:57 am

    “What I still can’t wrap my head around is the fact that someone went to Bangkok, of all places, and masturbated to death.”

    Me neither!

    As for the name of the Koala, well it would be nice if the folk from around CM tried a bit of reconciliation but I fancy thats a big ask.
    Mike recently posted..Wat Thong Kung Samut SongkhramMy Profile

  3. Catherine
    June 7, 2010 | 8:35 pm

    At least Reconciliation is good news for Thailand ;-)
    Catherine recently posted..Chris Pirazzi Updates Slice-of-Thai.comMy Profile

  4. Martyn
    June 10, 2010 | 3:17 am

    I agree with Mike…’What I still can’t wrap my head around is the fact that someone went to Bangkok, of all places, and masturbated to death.’

    Brilliant writing, and a spot on analysis of Carradine’s death and the possible lawsuit.
    Martyn recently posted..This One’s For You BudMy Profile