Thailand in the News Week Ending 7/24/2010

Vanessa Mae & The Winter Olympics

Vanessa Mae

Famous Thai violinist Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson has told the Thailand Olympic Committee that she would like to represent Thailand in the 2014 winter Olympics. A British Citizen Vanessa Mae was born in Singapore to a Thai father and Chinese mother.

Apparently NOCT ( The National Olympic Committee of Thailand) has agreed to send her to the 2014 games to represent Thailand in the Ski competition. This won’t be set in stone until she is approved by the International Ski Federation.

Vanessa Mae will be only the second Thai to represent the kingdom in the winter Olympics; the first being U.S. based Prawat Nagvajara who represented Thailand in the 2002 and 2006 winter games competing in the cross country skiing event.

I have to be honest here, I don’t care if she entered the winter Olympic tiddly winks games I would have still written this up just to post her pictures. I am disappointed she’ll be competing in the winter Olympics though because she really shouldn’t be covered up…ever.

Vanessa Mae 2 Vanessa Mae 3 Vanessa Mae 4

Vanessa Mae 5 Vanessa Mae 6 Vanessa Mae 7

Vanessa Mae 8 Vanessa Mae 9 Vanessa Mae 10

Thailand to End Mobile Phone Concessions

Nokia mobile phone

Thailand’s economic ministers agreed Monday to go ahead with a plan to end all mobile phone concessions by years end. The concessions will be converted into telecom licenses to ensure fair competition in the industry.

Currently, mobile phone operators are granted concessions by state-owned firms TOT PCL and CAT Telecom PCL that vary in terms and fees. Under the revised system mobile phone operators will operate under standard telecom licenses to be issued by the industry regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission.

The NTC ( National Telecom Committee ) plans to hold an auction in September to issue up to three licenses for the 2.1 gigahertz spectrum, allowing mobile phone operators to offer 3G services that could be upgraded to 3.9G.

Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij said “whether the concession proposal will derail the auction efforts will be decided by the NTC.”

Thailand Hangover is On

the hangover movie poster

The wildly successful comedy, The Hangover, has got a sequel coming out and it has been confirmed that they will be filming in Thailand.

Released in June 2009, The Hangover amassed a global box-office gross of $467 million on a budget of $35 million, and racked up Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture—Musical or Comedy.

When questioned originally about the sequel director Todd Phillips laughed at the notion of filming in Thailand but it seems the rumors were true.

The first film was centered around Las Vegas and one thing is for sure, Thailand will be a much better backdrop for some seriously funny debauchery.


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17 Responses to Thailand in the News Week Ending 7/24/2010
  1. Boonsong
    July 26, 2010 | 8:12 am

    Vanessa-Mae does indeed have some very captivating qualities. I’ve known a number of women who are talented at fiddling too.

    Have a good day, Boonsong
    Boonsong recently posted..There’s Something Phoney about This PhotoMy Profile

    • Talen
      July 26, 2010 | 9:08 pm

      Boon, I would be happy to have Mae fiddle with me any day.

  2. Mike
    July 26, 2010 | 10:34 am

    Talen for some totally unexplained reason when you mentioned Thailand in the Winter Olympics I immediately thought of the film “Cool Runnings.” Who knows perhaps the fiddler has other unexposed talents.

    I guess the Hangover 2 would have to be filmed in Pattaya wouldn’t it? Got to be better than Bangkok Dangerous which has just had a re-run here on HBO.
    Mike recently posted..Bird Singing Contests ThailandMy Profile

    • Talen
      July 26, 2010 | 9:05 pm

      Mike, I had the same exact thought when I found out about Thai heading to the winter Olympics.

      The original Thai version of Bangkok Dangerous was pretty good but the Nick Cage version was really bad except for the mute Thai pharmacist…she was cute.

  3. Peter M
    July 26, 2010 | 2:29 pm

    Oh yes, Vanessa Mae is indeed a very beautiful and talented lady. I never knew she could ski too!

  4. Lloyd
    July 26, 2010 | 4:33 pm

    Vanessa Mae is fantastic but I dont know what’s worse, someone who cannot qualify for the olympics in their home country using their “celebrity” status to get a free ride to a sporting event people spend their whole lives training for.


    Yet another American movie sequal and to make it worse filmed in Thailand!

    • Talen
      July 26, 2010 | 9:07 pm

      Lloyd, I’d say that the using your celebrity to get into the Olympics is worse…at least Thailand will benefit monetarily from having the film made here. Of course the film is sure to show Thailand in a bad light too so…

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  6. Martyn
    July 27, 2010 | 3:01 am

    Talen I didn’t know Vanessa Mae was part Thai, that has pulled my heart strings a little tauter. I also didn’t realise she had posed for such raunchy photos, you’re right, she shouldn’t be covered up by her Winter Olympics gear.

    I’m not a movie buff but Thailand needs a bit of promotion right now and hopefully The Hangover sequel will shed some good light on the country. It can’t do any harm.

    I see you have a Pattaya accommodation advert on this site, is it a decent earner. I just might give it a go too. Every little extra helps.
    Martyn recently posted..Udon Thani’s Night Market SceneMy Profile

    • Talen
      July 27, 2010 | 7:04 am

      Martyn, Vanessa has definitely worked her way into my heart…much rather see her in a volleyball or swimming event.

      I have a feeling that The Hangover is going to play on Thailand’s nightlife which probably won’t be a good thing.

      The hotels combined ad for Pattaya, Bangkok and Koh Samui is a direct advertiser so it’s definitely a decent earner :) when I talk to the rep again I’ll send them your way.

  7. Martyn
    July 27, 2010 | 3:52 am

    Talen I didn’t know Vanessa Mae was part Thai, that news has pulled my heart strings a little tighter. I also didn’t realise she had taken part in such raunchy photo shoots, great pictures of a very sexy lady. You’re right, she shouldn’t be covered up in Winter Olympic gear.

    I’m no movie buff but Thailand needs promotion right now and if The Hangover sequel sheds the country in good light then that can only be good.

    I haven’t seen the The Hangover but its title would be an appropriate one for my younger years….and even some of my present ones spent in the Land of Smiles.

    Believe me, you won’t get everything into your suitcase.
    Martyn recently posted..Udon Thani’s Night Market SceneMy Profile

  8. Catherine
    July 27, 2010 | 6:51 am

    Talen, interesting about the phone concessions. My iPhone service is ok (it’s slower than it should be) and cheap (cheaper than 12Call).

    So if they can just give us a proper fast connection as well as a connection all over Thailand, I’d be chuffed.
    Catherine recently posted..Thai Language Thai Culture- A Sticky ProblemMy Profile

    • Talen
      July 27, 2010 | 12:25 pm

      Cat, are you on a monthly plan with the iPhone? If you are what is the cost?

      • Catherine
        July 27, 2010 | 12:36 pm

        Talen, I pay a grand total of 646.28 baht per month. That includes taxes.

        I have a credit limit of 1,800 baht per month (over the paid costs noted above). I never use my credit.

        Note: I’m not one to talk on mobile phones. When I had a Nokia I also had a western friend who did do phone (she’s since moved to Canada).

        Back then, I would buy 300 baht 12Call cards, and depending, would go through one card and a bit a week.
        Catherine recently posted..Thai Language Thai Culture- A Sticky ProblemMy Profile

  9. ChuckWow
    July 27, 2010 | 12:33 pm

    When I watched the original Hangover I remember thinking that, except for the ruffies, it was just like a Tuesday night in Pattaya.

    I guess it was inevitable that to outdo the shenanigans of the first Hangover the sequel would have to be filmed in Pattaya.

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    August 1, 2010 | 10:31 am

    [...] the soi dogs at bay and my failing hearing intact, since she has some way to go before emulating Vanessa-Mae. Mind you I might get her to play the violin at tonight’s party when I have had enough of ten [...]

  11. SiamRick
    August 4, 2010 | 10:30 pm

    Talen, I knew you’d be smart enough to lead off this week’s news report with the hot Vanessa-Mae. And I, like Martyn, had no idea she was half Thai.

    You may find this odd but I like the second image of her in what looks like a bedroom. Hmmm. The last one of her posing with a go-go chrome pole is my least favourite.

    As for the movie, it makes me shudder thinking what they’ll do to Thailand in the film. It just so happens that I peeked at the film Eurotrip on TV this past weekend where travelling American teens shock Europe, doing everything wrong you could imagine while visiting the Vatican (not a bad thing, really).

    I’ve seen Bangkok Dangerous (original) several times, but not the Americanized one — they make the pharmacist mute?!?!?! Of course, you can’t make a H’wood star mute, as per the original in which the assassin is mute.

    Anywho, another great lineup of just interesting stuff.
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