Man Cave Under Attack by Sneaky Thai Women

Pink Moose Headed towel

As has been pointed out by more than a few people my man cave has been downgraded a few points due to a certain pink moose headed towel I own, but it’s grown on me and if the events of the last few days mean anything the pink moose headed towel may be just the beginning of my man cave worries. I also want to point out that I, in no way shape or form,  purchased said pink moose headed was the work of a Thai woman!

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of Ying lately and just the other night her younger sister was back in town and they decided to make me dinner. All was well and my taste buds are definitely getting used to spicy meals. Sometime after dinner Ying and her sister had a conversation that I was able to pick words out of here and there, flowers were mentioned a lot but I paid it no mind.

After dinner was finished and the dishes cleared and cleaned Ying had to drive her sister back to Bangkok because she had to work the next morning and I went back to working on some websites and getting the new server ready to go ( fingers crossed everything will be on the new server by the weekend and I’ll change the name servers over then ).

Ying has an unnatural fascination with Hello Kitty as many Asian women do,  but in her case it has been transferred over to her New Honda Accord. Yes, she has a Hello Kitty car! Bright white with large lettering across the windshield that spells out Hello Kitty, 2 large sets of whiskers in the back window, a Hello Kity  bobble head on the dash, Hello Kity steering wheel cover and a small Hello Kitty head on the roof.

A cute car I guess, except when I’m driving it slouched down in the seat so no one can see me. Yes, I know, I handed in my man card already. Cute as the car may be it is pure evil under the hood. The car has taken out no less than 3 motorcy riders and this night would be no different. I got a call about midnight from Ying letting me know she would be spending the night in Bangkok as well due to the Hello Kitty Car taking out yet another motorcy taxi driver. She had a date with the police the next morning that cost her 5000 baht.

Hello Kitty Honda

Note: This is a reasonable fascimile of said Hello Kitty Honda as the real one is currently in the Hello Kitty hospital getting work done.

I guess Hello Kitty isn’t all that bad…

Hello Kitty Panties Hello Kitty assault rifle Hello Kitty Beer

Anyway, back to the original point of this post. The next day after I returned from school there was a knock at my door and when I opened it there was Ying and 2 large potted plants, she was pointing to the elevator as if to say there is a bunch more in there. Apparently my pink moose headed dish towel was not enough to appease the god of Thai women and the conversation the night before was about sprucing up the place with flowers. It would seem women are the same the world over, they just can’t stand to see a man have his own place without a woman’s touch.

Ying fixing the flowers Flowers for the man cave Flowers for the man cave 2

I’m not complaining though, it’s the first time I can remember a woman buying me flowers and it’s nice to know someone is thinking about me. Although, I have to make sure to keep an eye on this situation as I have just noticed a ceramic elephant looking thing with a small candle in it’s ass to make the place smell more flowery, wouldn’t do to have the man cave too prettied up.

he elephant thing

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    3 thoughts on “Bo Sang Umbrella Festival 2011

    1. Talen, I so love umbrellas. In several of my trips to Chiang Mai I stopped by the umbrella making factories. They are very touristy, but I still enjoyed looking around and picking up their latest designs.

    2. Good lord Talen, another festival! Any excuse for a party I guess. I enjoyed the umbrella factory we visited in 2009. The process of making the parasols from scratch is interesting. You can also have them custom painted or have anything painted for that matter. Stray had a small elephant put on his shorts. Others were having hats and bags decorated.

    3. Eh. The umbrella festival was Ok. Although in all fairness we went when nothing was going on so we just walked the main drag.

      A CM native recommended we go in the morning but nothing was happening. I guess it gets very crowded and hot in the afternoon and evening.

      But, yeahhh – you better visit us lovely ladies since you keep talking about it!

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