A Perfect Day in Pattaya Pictures

Today was a day of wandering around Pattaya and casually taking some photos, I was joined on my excursion by Siam Rick who who blogs about Thailand on Behind the Noodle Curtain. We started the day at the markets and then relaxed at Starbucks for a while before wandering around town enjoying the day.

A Perfect Day in Pattaya Pictures

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    5 thoughts on “Buddha Give Me Strength

    1. Hi Talen,

      The ‘Kick Butt’ system you suggest is the only way! Stealing is criminal whether it’s money of composition. You need to make these theives feel guilty as hell!

      It won’t solve the problem I know, but this particular thief will think twice about dong it again.

      When I found my stuff being stolen, I was far to polite. If it happens again I will ironically take a leaf out of your book!

      martin in bulgarias last blog post..Living or Surviving in Bulgaria?

    2. I sympathise, same thing happened to me. A USA web site stole whole pages of copy from our NZ commercial web site and at the time we couldn’t do much to stop them. They still have all the copy I have written and making money out of it. Even stole our questions and answers page.

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