Pattaya Bed Race 2011 in Pictures

Yesterday marked the 3rd annual Pattaya Bed Race and I must say a good time was had by participants and spectators alike. The charity event started at Central Festival mall on Beach road at 6pm with a parade of race entrants to walking street and back, complete with a marching band and unofficial parade leader Glitterman in the lead.

While there were a few glitches such as getting the entrants all gathered on time the charity event seemed to go off without a hitch. The only complaint I had would be with the city officials not shutting down Beach road completely for the entire event. During the Pattaya Bed Race parade only one lane of Beach road was shut down with traffic still trying to flow in the other and people filling the street to get photos, there were a few close calls to say the least but thankfully no injuries.

This years Pattaya Bed Race had 30 participants entered in the race including entries from local bars and Go Go’s such as Murphy’s Law and Champagne A Go Go as well as entries by the Pattaya Police, local hospitals and civic groups. The rowdiest and most fun loving entry had to be Murphy’s Law who showed up quite lubricated and singing football chants, while the sexiest entry definitely had to go to Champagne A Go Go.

The actual Pattaya Bed Race started about 7pm after the police shut down Beach road completely and teams raced in pairs against the clock to the finish line at Walking Street

I couldn’t tell you who won this years Pattaya Bed Race as I didn’t stick around for the calculations and awarding of trophy’s, but I can tell you that local charities and Pattaya itself came out the big winners.

I was surprised that there weren’t a lot more entries from the local businesses because if nothing else it’s great advertisement while doing a good deed for charity. Hopefully next year will see the field of participants doubled.

Pattaya Bed Race 2011 Winners

The winners were judged based on speed, beauty, creativity and popular vote.

Speed : The bed of the Pattaya police station, receiving the honours cup

Beauty: The bed of the special investigations department, Pattaya ( DSL )

Creativity: The bed of the group called “Boys Town”

Popular Vote: The bed of the group called “Pattaya X-Pack Club”

and a special team award for “Tez Tour”

Anyway, without further ado The Pattaya Bed Race 2011 in Pictures. The complete set of over 200 photos can be found in the gallery Pattaya Bed Race 2011.

Pattaya Bed Race 2011

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