The Mayor of Pattaya is Listening

The Mayor of Pattaya visits jet ski operators on Pattaya Beach

The Mayor of Pattaya meeting with police about the jet ski scams The Mayor of Pattaya visiting various jet ski operations The Mayor of Pattaya speaking with jet ski operators

Mayor of Pattaya on Jet Ski Scams

There has been a lot of activity on the Mayors Facebook Page Pattaya Future regarding the jet ski scams taking place on Pattaya Beach. As you can see from the above picture, the Mayor of Pattaya,  Tik Kunplome,  paid a visit to Pattaya Beach on Saturday and talked with Jet ski operators. The Mayor also paid a visit to police in an effort to speed up their investigations into the jet ski scams.

The Mayor of Pattaya in His Own Words

K, Tim, I have been down to the beach today and walked along. It was only me and a few of my team so no one knew we were coming. I have warned all the jet ski operators myself that i am on their trail.
I met with the police and asked them to move quickly on the vdo evidence and look for ways to cause these people problems if they want to operate like this. You may have reservations about the police but there are some good ones and i know who they are. More coming next week as you will see. Have a good weekend,”

Today i have had a meeting with Pattaya Police and discussed the vdos concerning the Jet ski issues in Pattaya. Additionally I have been down to the beach this morning and met with jet ski operators informed them that i now am concentrating on this issue and will be watching them.

More to come next week as we have more investigations and implement our plan for keeping police out of any negotiations which will be dealt with by my team. Part of this will be increased advertising of the helpline number and increases staffing by Pattaya City staff to intervene in any issues relating to jet skis. More to come next week.

The Mayor is taking all of this seriously and he has been actively responding to the concerns of expats and Thai’s alike on his Facebook page Pattaya Furure. Even in the age of social media it’s usually hard to get a politicians ear, at best you might get an assistant answering questions so I applaud Mayor Kunplome’s efforts to keep in touch with the people.

Mayor Kunplome has done a lot of great things for Pattaya so I am cautiously optimistic that the Mayor and his team at city hall will be able to resolve this problem. It would probably be a good idea to at least follow Phukets lead and demand that all jet ski operators carry insurance on their jet skis. This way there can be no scam to shake down tourists for damages they didn’t cause to the jet skis. Mandating insurance will also benefit the jet ski operators in case there is an accident and real damage is incurred.

I truly hope the Mayor and his team can find a solution to this problem before more tourists get hurt or even possibly killed. I’ll be following this closely as I am sure a lot of other people will be. Pattaya is watching and waiting Mr. Mayor.




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