Living Like a Thai Day 4: Pee Baa Falang

Living like a Thai has it’s perks mmm

I’ve received enough e-mails by now that I am assured by consensus that I am not living like a Thai. Ya think? I know I am not really living as a Thai would but it was a good title for the series so I’m keeping it.

It’s bad enough falang think I’m crazy for trying this experiment but now one of the condo’s cleaning ladies thinks I’m insane as well. This particular cleaning lady likes me as I collect all of my plastic bottles for her and her friends…I usually give her a big plastic bag full once or twice a month. This morning as I was leaving for my normal morning constitutional I spotted my cleaning lady and she was holding a freshly emptied water jug. I said my hellos and then politely asked if I might have the water jug. Well, what could she say but sure as I’ve kept her in plastic for months.

So, I go out for my normal walk and buy some fresh pineapple for breakfast at 20 baht ( $.68 ) and then when I get home I figure I’ll take my two empty jugs to the water station. As I left the condo the cleaning ladies were watching me wondering what the hell I was up to. Luckily I found a new water station just up the street from me, I never saw it before because it’s hidden in a small shop. 10 baht ( $.32 )later I have 2 full jugs and I’m heading home. I heard the one cleaning lady say in Thai as I walked in the condo lobby ” why he not buy water at 7/11 like all the other falang?” I could have sworn I heard a pee baa ( crazy ) after that but I could be mistaken.

I ended up working on the website most of the day cleaning up backend stuff and forgot about lunch but made sure to hit the roadside restaurants near me for a delicious bowl of dinner and at 30 baht ( $1.02 ) it was priced just right.

Seeing as I had a bit of rum stashed away from before the start of the experiment and I’ve been doing so well I stopped by 7/11 and treated myself to a medium sized bottle of coke for 24 baht ( $.81 ) Tonight I am going to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with my nasty Thai cigarettes :P

Observations today: I’m starting not to think about food until I am actually hungry which is how it should be. I think this little experiment will not only help me to realize that I don’t need to spend more on most items I think it will help me get into shape as well.

Purchase Amount Cost Total
Fruit 1 20 baht 20 baht
Water re-fill 2 5 baht 10 baht
Dinner 1 30 baht 30 Baht
Coke 1 medium bottle 24 baht 24 baht
84 baht ( $2.86 )
June Total 557 baht ( $18.96 )

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    4 thoughts on “Thailand in the News Week Ending 01/02/10

    1. Talen, I drove about an hour and a half out of BKK on New Year’s day. Heading out, traffic was stopped by a ten car pileup (and those were only the cars that had not been towed away). Coming back, traffic was halted by a two car accident that went across the dividers (coming and going). Both cars were flipped and totaled. I won’t be driving anywhere next New Year’s holiday.

      On the subject of rice… The Americans can have Jazzman (Jasmine). My first preference is the lovely Japanese variety (porcelain white). My second is the Thai gourmet rice found at Paragon.

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Thai Typing Tutor Game =-.

    2. Talen I think the figures are even worse now.

      What I would love to know is what exactly will happen to all the folks stopped for not having a licence(albeit on them) because the chances are they don’t have one at home either. Of course I already know the answer.

      Given the huge publicity about cutting accidents this New Year I fancy the Road Transport Department will be keeping a low profile or the Minister might well be joining the guys from the Health Department (mis-appropriation of funds). Because the few million Baht spent on the Don’t Drive Drunk Campaign would appear to be water down the drain.

      Last night I had a very pleasant meal with some Thai friends, the husband works for the police. he and I shared a bottle of Thai brandy along with some excellent food. When we left MTF(doesn’t drink) drove my truck. He drove his family home. For me it sort of says it all really.

      .-= Mike´s last blog ..Thai Style Barbecue New Year 2010 =-.

    3. Talen, I read somewhere (might even be on your site) that the road deaths in Thailand are only counted if the person dies at the accident. Those who die later of their injuries are not counted. If this is true, then the death toll is obviously higher than reported.

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..My New Year’s Resolution: The 30 Day Trial =-.

    4. Talen, I haven’t googled very far… but here is a start –

      According to official statistics (police), 12,858 people were killed in road crashes in 2005. However the real number might even be higher.

      According to documentation from the health sector, the real death toll could be 20,000 or more if victims who die after being removed from the crash scene are included.

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..My New Year’s Resolution: The 30 Day Trial =-.

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