Living Like a Thai Day 11: Tofu, Really?

Living Like a Thai Day 11

Not a lot to report today, budget wise it has been a very boring day. Last night my friend Ting came by for a little while and she brought with her the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie and a few beers :) The movie was so so ( and Pirated ), the beers were cold :) ( I swear I don’t drink as much as you think ) and the company was nice.

Today I woke up and took a shower and fate dealt the budget another cruel blow as one by one I ran out of Soap, Shampoo and then toothpaste. Okay, I screwed up one night on the budget, I don’t deserve to get hammered like this *shakes his fists at the sky*. No biggie, I think I can squeeze one more tooth brushing out of the toothpaste tube and the shower soap I use is the body wash type so I can get by with adding a little water to that and the shampoo bottle and get by with a shower tonight and one tomorrow morning. Looks like tomorrows budget is already spent!

After my disappointing shower I headed out to the street to get me a breakfast of banana and pineapple for all of 20 baht ( $.68 ). I then went for my morning walk before heading back to the man cave to work on some things. For lunch I had my Favorite…ramen noodles mixed up with some rice which was a bit different and good.

For dinner I walked up to the night market and got me some Wu Chai otherwise known as fried tofu with green leafy vegetables ( I have no idea what vegetables they are but they are definitely green). Doesn’t sound very appetizing but trust me this stuff is delicious especially dipped into the sweet soy sauce it comes with. And for 20 baht ( $.68 ) you get a big bag full of it cut up into chunks. Not only tastes good but apparently it’s good for you and it’s very filling.

And that brings to a close another day living like a Thai I might as well add another 17 baht to the total because I have a hankering for an Oishi Black tea with lemon and I might head up to 7/11 now and get me one :) Oishi Black Tea 17 baht ( $.57 ).

Living Like A Thai Day 11 Expenditures

Purchase Amount Cost Total
Frut Banana and one Pineapit 2 10 baht 20 baht
Tofu 1 20 baht 20baht
Black Tea 1 17 baht 17 baht
Day 11 Total 57 baht ( $1.94 )
July Totals 1809 1866 baht ( $63.53 )
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    9 thoughts on “Living Like A Thai Day 12: Going Native, Almost

    1. Wow. Didn’t know that about Tofu, Talen.

      Go native Baby !

      Fascinating progression as you approach the half-way mark for the month !

    2. talen did you weigh* yourself before the start of all of this? You must be losing some with the limited food and reduction in booze

      *even on your meagre budget this should be possible without breaking the camel’s back

    3. As regards to water consumption, could you not buy a 20 litre bottle for 10bt. They are available everywhere. Whilst there is a 60/70bt deposit on the bottle, you could decant the content on the last day, and reclaim your deposit and splurge!

    4. Talen, a number of Americans I know feel that tofu or anything with soya is evil. Thais have been eating soya for yaks ages so I don’t know what gives.

    5. I wouldnt be going to the gym if i were you, not for weight lifting anyway, you need lots of protein to build muscles.

      If you go to the Gym and not taking in enough protein, you end up loosing muscle mass instead of building it up.

    6. You can clean your teeth with salt or (better) baking powder actually- ‘toothpaste’ is a fairly recent, bourgeois luxury. Enjoying your blog, cheers to you and keep it up.

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