Phuket Electronic Music and Dance Festival 2011

Phuket Electronic Music and Dance Festival 2011

Following the trend of electronic music festivals around the world, the Creative Electronic Music and Dance Festival began last year in Pattaya by the Department of Intellectual Properties, Ministry Of Commerce. With this year’s Phuket Electronic Music and Dance festival on Karon beach in conjunction with Karon beach New Year Countdown, is another exciting event to attend to celebrate New Year 2012.

This is an effort by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to rebuild tourists confidence and image of Thai tourism through music. This event is strongly support by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in its massive online network.

The Goal of Phuket Electronic Music and Dance Festival 2011 and Creative IP DJ Hunt 2011 Southern Region is to promote electronic music in Thailand, encourage talented young Thai electronic artists and modernize the electronic music industry in Thailand. Winners of IP DJ hunt contest will win 20,000 baht, 10,000 Baht and 5,000 Baht for top 3 winners with prizes from Pioneer DJ.

The 2 day festival will showcase an exciting line up of more than 30 DJs from both Thailand and International. Top Thai DJs are J Monton and Dom Parkorn Lam, Mark Brain, Slick and Domination, winner of the Best Video DJ of the World contest in Dubai 2011. This is also the first time, that more than 10 top clubs in Phuket participate in the festival.
The Creative IP DJ Hunt will take place on Karon Beach starting 1500 hours on the 30th of December with Award and Opening ceremony at around 2200 hours. Join the New Year 2012 Countdown ceremony on Karon Beach starting 2330 hours.

Fashion TV, the world’s number One fashion and life style channel, also a co-organizer of the event will feature this exciting event through the channel to its audience around the world.

For more information on upcoming Festivals and Events in Thailand please visit the Thailand Events Calender.

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    4 thoughts on “Thailand in the News Week Ending 1/30/10

    1. Talen personally I try to avoid buying pirated stuff but its difficult here. You only need to take your computer to the repairers to find they have loaded you a few “extras!”

      Tigers are a special animal for me, I am pleased Thailand is joining in but sadly the wild Tigers here roam in the border region(near me) with Myanmar and poaching is still a problem.

      I still remember the excitement(dropped the camera lens) when I was in India and spotted a wild Tiger in a conservation area.

      .-= Mike´s last blog ..Oh my God Oh my Buddha! =-.

    2. Before high speed internet was available in my area Pattaya was my favorite source for the latest in movies, operating systems and programs. There used to be a great store on Second Road just down from Pattaya Tai – you walk in and browse through their catalog of software and the next day you go back and pick up your selections. Now all this is just a Torrent away.

      Shopping is a lot of fun in Pattaya – I can’t tell you how many “Rolex” watches I have given away for Christmas presents.

      Who will be speaking at that Thai high school next week – Jesse Ventura ??

    3. Talen, Pantip Plaza is indeed a lark. All through the complex there are HUGE signs warning against pirated software – and nearby those… pirated software. Heaps and heaps of the stuff.

      The main difference I see between Thailand and other countries is that here, the piracy is in your face. Other’s go out of their way to hide but it’s still there (just online).

      The tiger in Thailand subject is an interesting one (thanks for posting about it).

      .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Wat Bang Phra Tattoo Festival: 2010 =-.

    4. Talen you’ll probably be pleased to hear I’ve never heard of Oliver Stone as I’m not a big watcher of movies, though I do recall a fit lass called Sharon, any relation.

      Pirated goods are a big problem but when the originals are so far out of reach pricewise to the ordinary Thai person then the problem isn’t going to disappear. I also think with the strong Thai baht getting my cheap T-shirts and shorts makes Thailand an attractive holiday proposition as far as money goes.

      Tigers…that’s sad. From a population of 100,000 to under 3,500 makes me think that even the doped tigers of Kanchanaburi’s Tiger Temple are at least safe from the crosshairs, even if their lives aren’t exactly as they should be.

      .-= Martyn´s last blog ..Thailand Blogs – January 2010 Review =-.

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