Pattaya Countdown 2012

Pattaya Countdown 2012

Pattaya is stepping up the festivities once again this year by playing host to the longest New Years celebrations in all of Thailand. Pattaya Countdown 2012 will take place at Bali Hai Pier nightly from 8pm to midnight starting on December 25th and ending on December 31st.

The week long festivities will begin on Christmas day with Christmas tree decorating followed by fireworks over the bay. There will also be a fair all week long with merchants selling delicious foods from all regions of Thailand as well as souvenirs and crafts. Booths will be set up all along beach road and about Bali Hai pier.

The Pattaya Countdown 2012 will also play host to many different types of shows and entertainment including traditional Thai song and dance as well as Thai artisans from all over Thailand.

There will also be many concerts and appearances by Thai pop artists and celebrities  and representatives of Miss Thailand 2011.

Many of the events featured during Pattaya Countdown 2012 will be broadcast live on Modern Nine TV MCOT1, True Vision Channel 98 from 10.30pm to 1am and the Bang Channel, broadcasting from 6pm to 1am.

This will surely be a week to remember as we get ready to say goodbye to 2011. Schedule of Events below.

For this and many more events taking place around Thailand please check out the Thailand Events Calender.

Pattaya Countdown 2012 Schedule of events

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    6 thoughts on “Thailand Ready for the 2012 Olympics

    1. Talen – Good luck to Nina Lamsam and the rest of the Thai Olympic team. The Thai boxers must have a good chance of winning a medal or two.

    2. Dont forget the lovley sailing and windsurfing team – part of London 2012 and based in Weymouth and Portland in Dorset.

    3. My poor wife wants to root for Thailand but I would be surprised to see them in any televised events here. She will be stuck with my chants of ‘USA! USA! USA!’. Looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow!

    4. Still haven’t seen any Thais on TV but congrads to Pimsiri Sirikaew who took silver in women’s weightlifting. I also see the Thai badminton team is 2-0 at the early stage.

    5. I know that joining the Olympic 2012 is a great experience specially to the Thailand players that they practice really good to get the gold medal..

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