Another Chance to Win the Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary App

Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary App

Well, the original drawing for the Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary App for the iPhone, iPod and iPad is now over. You’ll have to forgive my lateness in announcing the winners as my internet access was seriously limited this past weekend. So, with no further adieu I give you the winners:




The three of you will be getting an email shortly from me giving you the redemption codes for this great App along with instructions on how to redeem them.

Now on to some even better news…Mt friend Cat over at Women Learning Thai is also having a contest to win the Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary App, so, if you didn’t win in my drawing you have another chance with cat. Just head over to her new post WIN! WIN! WIN! 3 Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone iPad iPod Apps and leave a comment. That’s right, all you have to do is leave a relevant comment and you will be entered to win this great app!

Tell Cat I said Hi :P

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck on the contest over at Women Learning Thai!

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    6 thoughts on “Hua Hin Jazz Festival 2010

    1. Is it that time again already? My, how my life does fly by.

      It’s great to see that PTT is there in a big way as oil companies are not the flavour of the year this month.

      And just look at all those little sponsoring logos shoved to the bottom of the Jazz website. They must have too much to code in individually.

    2. Talen, I hear your frustration loud and clear. And I just know that when you get here, you are going to break loose!

      Just let me know when you’ve recovered

    3. :- D If I don’t get out of this funk, I won’t be going anywhere.

      Ah hah… all is now clear… I see that you have 666 Subscribers. You are clearly the devil in disguise. I mean, who else would tempt me with Kathoey’s?

    4. Talen I visited Hua Hin a couple of years ago, what a lovely place it is but I found it a little on the pricey side and that was at 70 baht to the pound.

      The Sofitel’s Festival Buffet Dinner with good seats at 1100 baht is a great price in a pricey resort. If you love your Jazz music then it would pay to starve yourself for the day and go along to the Sofitel and feast on Jazz and your favourite sounds. Sounds like a bargain.

    5. Look at that price world! 1,100 baht. I will also take this opportunity to promote the Phuket Music Festival that is on the 26th June, 2010. This also promises to be a great experience and it is expected to pull a large crowd.

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