A Regrettable Change

Spammers at their best

Due to the massive amount of spam I have received over the last few months I have finally made the decision to require registration in order to comment on Thailand Land of Smiles. This wasn’t an easy decision to make for me but with increasing problems related to spam comments it was either require registration or completely close comments. I have closed threads to comments that are older than 90 days but closing comments in general just doesn’t sit well with me.

While I hate registration to comment you will only have to register once and will be able to comment freely after that. Some spammers will still get through but most won’t bother with registering.

Hopefully long time readers and commentators to Thailand, Land of Smiles will understand why I am doing this and will continue to contribute to the great community here. I’m sure this will deter many newcomers from commenting but at this point I need to think of the greater good and unfortunately that is removing spammers before they get in.  While Akismet and other anti-spam software has done a decent job ( killing over 357,000 spam comments in 5 years ) the spammers have gotten smarter and started fooling these plugins easily by either copying other comments or just writing something that doesn’t quite look like spam but isn’t natural either.

I hate to have to take this action and I may change my mind after a trial run but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I hope you all understand.

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