Where to Go in Spain: Best Must-See Places

Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations today because it has much to offer its visitors. It seems that several different cultures are in one country. You won't be bored if planning your trip to Spain following the tips based on the experienced tourists. Check what places you'd better give preference to if having a vacation in Spain. Here is the list of the most visited places, which will definitely impress you.

4 Must-See Places in Spain

Don't know what places to go to in Spain? You are offered to have a look at the collection of great places below. Include these sights in your list not to miss an opportunity to see them with your own eyes.

  • Embankment of Barcelona. The magnificent promenade of Barcelona stretches for almost 5 km along the entire coast of the Mediterranean. The embankment begins at the Ramblas. Here is a monument to Columbus, established in 1888. The monument is installed just in the place where Columbus landed in 1493 with his expedition. Further, the embankment is connected by a drawbridge and a pedestrian dam to the yacht club. You can rent yacht with Charterclick.com online and do this beforehand when planning your trip! This is very convenient because you will be able to choose the yacht you like most and have a great walk!
  • The National Palace. You will be impressed by this beautiful building, which area is not less impressive-30 000 square meters. Since 1934, there is the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. Over 236,000 pieces of art are here for you! If you are interested in history of Catalan, Spanish and European art, then don't pass by this place!
  • The beaches of Salou. They are gently sloping and safe beaches covered with soft sand, immersed in colorful tropical vegetation, attractive and delightful. Everybody will find a place in the sun: from lovers of a noisy beach holiday with a standard set of water activities, to privacy lovers in remote coves.
  • Mount Montserrat. It is located 50 kilometers from Barcelona. Here is the famous monastery of the same name. Just imagine: huge rocks resembling idols, channels forming patterns, mysterious caves. Sounds great, doesn't it? Montserrat’s incomparable charm has repeatedly inspired musicians, artists and poets. A lot of masterpieces have been created thanks to the inspiration that artists got in that place.

You will never regret if visiting the above-mentioned places! Plan your trip carefully and you will 100% enjoy it!