Buy Essay Online to Ease Your Life

Essays, research papers, dissertations – today every student can buy any kind of paper online. If you google for some writing services, you will find dozens of websites. All you need is money. How does it work? What about legality, and whether it is morally fair that other people will be writing your paper?

Academic writing services (also known as “essay mills”) write individual papers for students that study at colleges and universities. Usually such services support all kinds of academic writing, while some websites limit their service to several kinds (for example, they may focus only on dissertations). Also, as an additional option, writing companies offer editing and proofreading services. This may be considered quite ethical, as the service just corrects spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes to make the work look professional.

How Does It Work: From Ordering to Finished Work

Usually it takes no more than five minutes to make an order on the website. The client needs to set the topic, deadline, paper type, and word limit, and add specifications. Students can upload additional materials and documents to help the writer fully understand the task. Then a service or the clients themselves choose the appropriate writer who has expertise in the preferred field of study.

“All prices depend on the paper type, difficulty, length, and deadline: the essay that needs to be written in an hour will cost several times more than an essay with a week time limit,” one representative of the writing service told us.

Some websites try to be clear with the students and the potential client can use a price calculator to see how much the paper costs. Others use a bidding system. When the client places an order, writers start setting bids for the order, and the client has a chance to order a paper for an extremely low price. One thing should be considered – the skills of ghostwriters can vary. If you want to be sure that the paper will be written on the highest level, you should be ready to pay more.

Who will be writing the order? The companies claim that all their writers are professionals, but in fact, the situation may differ from one service to another. If a student wants to be sure that the paper will be written by a skilled writer, it will be better to choose that service that offers the chance to ask the writer to create a sample preview to make sure that writing style corresponds with their needs.

In an ideal world the student gets the finished paper within a specified time frame. Some services give you an extra discount if the paper will come with a delay or just give money back.

The student should carefully pick the service to order an essay from to avoid spending money on a poorly written paper. The following features distinguish a good service from a poor one:

  • unlimited editions (giving the ability to ask the writer to correct the paper to achieve all requirements)
  • payment after the writer completes the paper (making sure that the paper is well written before paying money)
  • money-back guarantee (securing your money from bad service)
  • the possibility of direct communication with the writer (the ability to track the writer’s work and get all questions answered without third parties)
  • secure payment system (via credit card or PayPal)

Legality of Essay Writing Companies: What Superiors Think About It

Government representatives and educational authorities consider custom-written papers cheating and try to fight essay mills, but unsuccessfully. The existing software detects only plagiarized texts from sources and copy-pasted parts. But there is no software that will distinguish an exceptional writer’s style. Skilled academic writers can even copy students’ writing styles if needed, and no amount of expertise will detect cheating.

In practice, it is quite hard and time-consuming for the tutor to detect whether the paper was written by the student or by someone else. Some universities use an oral exam where students are asked questions related to their words, and if the author cannot answer the question, he or she can be accused of plagiarism. If caught, punishment may be severe: students can be suspended from classes or even expelled from the university.

Academic society considers the use of writing services unethical. At the same time, writing companies claim that they are selling papers for academic purposes and not as ready-made papers that can be submitted to the tutor (for example, students can use papers as guidance or as a resource for their own papers). Academic institutions are worried that such services make the educational process worse: students don’t improve their writing or their analytical and critical thinking skills.

What Pushes Students to Use Writing Services

Today’s educational system gradually transforms the ordinary student into a highly-exhausted person. The tight schedules, exams, and tons of homework put students into continuous stress. They are afraid to miss the deadlines and fail the course. As many families make all possible and get into debt to give the child education, students feel pressure and guilt for low scores.

Some students are just not so good at writing and think that writing skills won’t help them in their professional life. For example, students that pursue technical specialties like engineering or programming would rather spend time on acquiring professional skills than writing another essay. If the essay topic doesn’t relate to your major, would it be a disaster if you buy this essay and pay attention to more important things?

A writing service can be especially helpful when the student has forgotten about the assignment and needs a finished paper within an hour.

Unsustainable academic workload, lack of writing skills, perfectionism, keeping pace with work and studying, family pressure, and many other reasons force students to become regular clients of custom writing services. And it’s no surprise: for a certain amount of money you can receive a finished paper effortlessly and meet all deadlines peacefully. Even the case of being caught cheating doesn’t stop them.

You're Not a Thief Till You’re Caught

While teachers and authorities would say that submitting the paper written by another person is cheating, students mostly claim that buying essays online is not so bad. For example, foreign students, students that need to combine work, family, and studying, and other students that for some circumstances have no time and ability to write the paper have an excuse to ask someone to help with their papers. To buy or not to buy essay papers – the choice is yours.