Share Your Traveling Experience Using a Scratch Map

There is a novelty that will please all travelers: a scratch map of the world with a blurry top layer – perhaps, this is the best that designers could come up with in the last decades. And really, what can be more exciting and pleasant than when you return from the next trip, find this place on the map, scratch out map and make your own mark "I was here!” So, gradually wiping the location behind the location, the traveler will turn the map into a colorful one that will help to save your unforgettable memories.

How Does the Scratch Map Differ from the Standard Map?

Do you know the concept of the scratch map? At first glance, a scratch map is a large wall painting depicting continents and oceans, which may seem like an ordinary map of the world, which you have seen hundreds of times in Geography lessons, but this is not so. The secret of the scratch map lies in the special coverage of its front side. The material used for the upper layer of the canvas has a special hue and is identical to that applied to the lottery tickets.

If you rub the selected place on the map with a coin or a corner of the plastic card, the monophonic coating can easily be removed, and under it, you will see the inner layer, painted in bright colors. Thus, by wiping out sections of the map that depict these or other countries and cities, you can create a visual history of your travels around the world and then tell about them to your guests.

Your story will not be frozen and static because with each new personal geographical discovery a new bright spot will appear on the map, which will serve as a constant reminder and experienced feelings and emotions. The map will help to change how you see the world!

Who Will Benefit from the Use of the Scratch Map?

First and foremost, such a thing as a scratch map will appeal to those who like traveling and discovering new countries and continents. For sure, these people will be pleased to see how every year more and more bright spots appear on their personal map of the world. With the help of the innovative map, inveterate travelers can surprise guests with the number of places visited, and also show them their routes and tell about new impressions.

Also, this great map will be useful for schoolchildren who study geography. For them, it will become a beautiful and fascinating visual aid, where you can mark the countries and continents that you have been to, which will allow learning the material quickly and easily.