The power of the brown nipple


Like anyone else that blogs I want people to read read my blog and to that end I’ve been diligently adding content and collecting the best plugins and watching the statistics to see where the hits are coming from and who’s referred them. And of course I’ve been doing what I can to get my blog out there.

Lately I’ve been watching the search engine stats to see how people searching have found my page. Saw a few search related hits for bugs, Thai food, Pattaya, and even one search related hit for culture….who knew.

But in between all the normal things I expected to pop up for search engine hits another key word had referred 3 times as many as all the others in terms of search related hits and that my friends is the power of the nipple.

People evidently search for brown nipples, black nipples, big nipples, small nipples, Thai girls with large brown nipples, and the always favorite….wana see black nipples now!

I’m gonna try to slip any of the above into everything I write from now on…I mean I always knew nipples were good but I never knew they were blog traffic gold until now. I should probably keep this info private as this is a niche that I could easily exploit but to be honest the blog isn’t about nipples and the nipple aficionados will soon realize that when they hit the blog….although I do have a picture of a pregnant dog in the gallery with at least 14 big brown Thai nipples :) . Just too easy to work into a sentence.

Anyway I’m giving this information to the masses (all 5 of you) to do with as you please. Just remember me as the power of the nipple does its work and send some love back my way.


sig1 The power of the brown nipple
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4 Responses to The power of the brown nipple
  1. Bev
    August 12, 2008 | 12:54 am

    I really am not sure how I came across your blog, but in all sincerity I am looking for someone who will help me try to find family members in Mukdahan. My friend has lived in the United States for almost 40 years and has not heard from her siblings in almost 30 years. If you can help me, I will be in contact with the family name. I did not have luck with the Mukdahan white pages online.



  2. kevjohn
    August 24, 2008 | 4:10 pm

    Now that I’ve read this blog entry and thought long and hard (no pun intended) about my nipple preference, I can honestly say that I don’t think I have one. Pink, brown, black, they’re all the same to me. :)

  3. bigchris
    November 18, 2008 | 12:34 am

    haha that was hilarious, must have had a good laugh when you saw those keywords or w/e….
    but you have a great way with words and a pleasant attitude, so i have no doubts your blog will be a success. (even without the masses of nipple conneseurs apparantly roaming the internet making it a regular read.)
    i found this blog by searching for “facts about thailand” on google, then clicking my way here through links.
    as i am going to thailand for the first time in january 09 i am now trying to educate myself in the ways of what seems to be a wonderful place.
    this site has been a great help (and a source of great amusement).
    I thank you for that and wish you all the luck in any future endeavours, if you should ever visit sweden(stockholm) do not hesitate to write and ask about anything.
    take care and be well! /bigchris

    • Talen
      November 18, 2008 | 6:18 pm

      I’m glad the site has been some service to you Big Chris…You are going to have a great trip in 09. There really isn’t any place in the world like Thailand!

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