Snack food Thai style

Thai food

Go into the local 7/11 in America and you can find every snack food that is bad for you and then some…go into 7/11 in Thailand and its a different story. From the hot dogs to the crisps you can see the difference. The hot dogs are served sans bun, cut up and put in a small bag with ketchup on it if you like and of course your given a wooden skewer to eat with.The Thais don’t like a lot of bread it seems.

Then you have the snack aisle. A row filled with all the delicacies you would expect such as dried squid which I never tasted as the smell kept me far from the bag. There are all kinds of dried seafood and kelp snacks but then there is the pinnacle of crispdom….yup, the crispy pea snack complete with a pea wearing a do rag. I have to admit they do have a few other conventional treats like Pringals and some chocolate but not much.

Even the snack food is healthy in Thailand for the most part.

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Comment by Yaowalak
2007-10-29 23:33:11

Fun blog, we enjoy it Talen. For insects in Thailand did you try Thai Insect Snacks? Lately the kelp snacks at 7-11 are so popular, maybe it’s time to introduce Thai insects as snack food around the world.

Comment by talenNo Gravatar
2007-10-30 12:17:35

Happy to hear you enjoy the blog. As for insects being introduced to the world….well, that may take a few decades lol. I did a post on eating bugs in Thailand which included pics…

A Bugs Life in Thailand

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