The Wai

To Wai you put your hands together on your chest and bow your head a little towards the tips of your fingers. There are different reasons to Wai in Thailand. It is used as a greeting, a thank you, to say goodbye, to apologize and to pray to Buddha.

Thais don’t wai everyone, it is usually a sign of respect to someone who is older or wiser such as a Monk. You shouldn’t wai a younger person but you should return the wai if they wai you. Likewise you wouldn’t wai every shop owner when you make a purchase or a maid when she cleans you room.

As a tourist you’ll hear many people tell you not to wai because you aren’t Thai, but i think thats an ignorant way to think. This is a Thai custom that has meaning and feeling in it and as long as you wai in the right circumstance you will be sure to make a Thai smile and even if you did it wrong or it seemed awkward the Thais love to see someone try aspects of their culture.

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    5 thoughts on “Thailand Wants to Know Your Penis Size

    1. Well thses people never cease to amaze me. Talk about taking the bull by the horns! Love this post thanks for sharing I am going to tell everyone I know about this

    2. Talen I thought I might pick up on something in this post that refers to the US and not Thailand.

      I was surprised at your comments regarding your Federal Governments attitude.

      In the UK free condoms at a national and regional level have been the norm for many years.

      When I taught at my local college we had a sexual health councillor part of the job was to give away free condoms. Indeed there were often promotions in the student dining hall.

      BTW I never saw a penis measuring tape-although given the intellectual level of most of the students they might have struggled to use it!

      .-= Mike´s last blog ..Penis Survey-Size Really Does Matter in Thailand =-.

    3. Talen I can see a few falang getting hold of these measuring tapes, setting them extra big and wearing them like key rings on their shorts and jeans. A few bar girls are going to get frightened to bits and some disappointed after lights out.

      Anything that helps to promote safe sex is a good thing and with the amount of gay activity in Thailand then it is a positive move by the Thai government.

      .-= Martyn´s last blog ..How Many Times Do Thai Girls Eat In One Day =-.

    4. i think they overdid the aids scare and same with swine flu there is a high risk in the guy community but for the rest of us its very hard to get the disease not to say many have not but

      if you have same sex and your a male then that is not normal behaviour i have no problem but its not normal is it so that’s where you get problems and aids

      .-= john´s last blog burger in udon thani issan thailand =-.

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