Hor Kaew Mukdahan

Mukdahan Tower

Hor Kaew Mukdahan, otherwise known as Mukdahan Tower, was constructed in 1996 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of King Bhumibol’s accession to the throne of Thailand.

View into LaosStanding over 65 meters in height it provides beautiful 360 degree views of surrounding Mukdahan, the Mekong and over into Laos.

The first floor of the tower is dedicated to an arts and culture museum showcasing antique Thai arts and tools as well as a collection of bank notes from most of the worlds countries.

The second floor showcases the history and culture of the eight ethnic tribes that make up Mukdahan which are:

  • Tai Kha
  • Tai Kha Soe
  • Tai Kha Lerng
  • Isan Peoples
  • Tai Yor
  • Tai Saek
  • Tai Kula
  • Phu Tai

The third through fifth floors make up the pillar of the tower with a small observation deck on the fifth floor which provides 3 gongs to ring for good luck.

The sixth floor is the 360 degree observation deck which is enclosed in glass and also has artifacts to see .

The seventh floor is reserved for Buddha with a large silver Buddha in the meditation position called Phra Buddhanavamingmongkol. There is also a Buddha image for every day of the week.Silver Buddha on seventh floor

The view from Hor Kaew is one not to be missed if you’re ever in the vicinity of Mukdahan.

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