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Ra-Gahm or Salak Palm Fruit

Known in Thai as Ra-Gahm the Salak fruit or Snake fruit, as it is sometimes called due to it’s scale like skin, can be found growing at the base of the Salak palm tree. Originally from Indonesia it is now grown in Thailand and Malaysia as well.

As I have said before one of the coolest things in Thailand is the wide varieties of fruit available. I love going through the fruit stalls at the markets sampling all the different fruits the merchants have out . At one market last year the merchant made sure I wasn’t going anywhere until I tried all the fruit she had for sale and eventually we got around  to the Ra-Gahm.

The Indonesian and Malaysian varieties seem to be rounder and smoother where the Thai variety is more oblong and has prickly hairs on it. Holding the fruit for the first time seemed odd and I wasn’t quite sure how to open it. With a little help from the merchant I was told to pinch the top, tear the skin, and peel it down. Surprisingly the skin was thin and very easy to tear.

Inside is a small cream colored fruit with two to three lobes, the largest of which  usually contains a big seed. If eaten before it is ripe it will be very sour tasting. When fresh they have a sweet acidic taste kind of like a pineaple. This isn’t a juicy fruit it’s more firm in texture like a carrot. A very pleasing but hard to describe taste.

It makes for a great walking around snack because your hands don’t get all sticky. If you ever run across the Salak fruit in your travels give them a try and I’ll guarantee you’ll love em.

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Comment by linaNo Gravatar
2008-09-29 01:47:53

I love the salak fruit. Pickled ones are nice too.

linas last blog post..Our Birthdays Dinner at Midori, Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Comment by TalenNo Gravatar
2008-09-29 12:32:06

I haven’t had them pickled yet but I definitely want to try them.

Comment by KarenNo Gravatar
2008-09-29 10:38:42

I think I would enjoy eating all the fruit and it is so readily available. Maybe I would lose weight if I lived in Thailand.

Comment by TalenNo Gravatar
2008-09-29 12:33:13

Between the all the fruit and the heat and really all the fresh foods you could definitely lose weight fast.

Comment by My Bug LifeNo Gravatar
2008-09-29 20:31:21

I have heard of this fruit but never tasted them before..interesting..:)

My Bug Lifes last blog post..Ballerina Of The Air

Comment by fragileheartNo Gravatar
2008-09-29 21:23:02

Wow I actually have something I can say! :) I think I’ve tasted this before while I was vacationing in the homeland (the Philippines) - I did NOT like it but its obvious now that I had the sour tasting ones you speak of. Must give it a try again in case I get to try the better ones :)
fragilehearts last blog post..In need of some time

Comment by daria369No Gravatar
2008-10-04 08:34:00

Now I Really want to try the snake fruit - like all the new fruits I ever come across! If they have any resemblance to pineapple, I love them in advance! :)

Comment by daria369No Gravatar
2008-10-04 08:35:09

Does anyone know if they are ever available in US?

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