Thailand Blogs Part 4: Thai Language

Still getting lost in Bangkok but you can be sure if I need to find a bathroom I’ll just say yoo tee nai hongnam…let’s just hope I don’t have to ask for oyster sauce this trip, the last time was embarrassing.

Before my first trip to Thailand I started looking into the language which led me to certain words and phrases that would be useful. Actually learning the Thai language is not an easy feat for a westerner. The Thai language is a tonal language and not easy to grasp at times. Luckily there are quite a few sites and blogs out there that I highly recommend for anyone interested in learning the Thai language.

Learn Thai the Easy Way

Learning Thai the Easy Way

Learn Thai the Easy Way was the first site I came across when I got interested in learning the Thai language.  Covering everything from reading, writing and grammar with MP3’s and talking interactive books so you can hear and reproduce the tones. An excellent resource for studying the Thai language.

Women Learning Thai…and Some Men too

Women Learning Thai...and Some Men too

Cat is an expat living in Bangkok exploring the Thai language and culture. She reports her experiences and opinions on learning the Thai language using various books, sites and software. She has great tips and insights on the Thai language as well as Thai culture and travel. If there is a resource pertaining to the Thai language Cat knows about it, writes about it and links to it. Her blog is very well done and an excellent resource on the language and the country.

Thai 101

Thai 101

Thai 101 is another excellent resource for learning Thai. As well as Thai language you’ll find a wealth of information on Thai books, cinema, and Thailand in general. Definitely a great read.

Learn Thai From a White Guy

Learn Thai From a White Guy

The name of the blog almost says it all…the Bio of the author says the rest “Kinda like a crazy old cat lady.  Except I’m not that old, and its languages running around my place rather than cats.  And I’m a guy.” If that doesn’t get you interested then the fact that it’s a great Thai language resource should.

Learn to Speak Like a Thai

Learn to Speak Like a Thai

Lots of good stuff here if you want to learn Thai. From podcasts and free downloads to using Thai T.V. and radio as learning tools. Every little bit helps and they have a great site to help you learn Thai.

Learn Thai Podcast

Learn Thai Podcast

Learn Thai podcast helps you learn Thai with video and audio lessons. While they do have some free resources it’s the premium content you’ll be after. At $14.95 a month it’s not expensive but a really good deal.  I’ve started the premium course but over the last few months with everything going on in my life I haven’t made time to get back to it…I plan to rectify that when I get back from Thailand and let you know how it’s going for me.

Another good day for Thai blogs and tomorrow promises to be even better. I’ll be introducing you to some great expat and travel blogs as well as a few kitchen sinks over the next couple of days. Be sure to check back and check them out.

sig1 Thailand Blogs Part 4: Thai Language

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Comment by MikeNo Gravatar
2009-03-31 04:35:15

Talen thanks again for a couple of these that I didn’t know.

Mikes last blog post..Eastern Orient Express Approaches Nong Hin Thailand.

Comment by Martin In BulgariaNo Gravatar
2009-03-31 13:19:14

Talen, a very entertaining guide to learning the language. I though the Bulgarian was hard with the cyrillic system, but you take the biscuit with the challenge of Thai.

Comment by rikkerNo Gravatar
2009-04-01 03:57:43

Thanks for the mention. I read your blog from time to time, but only now realized you’re on Twitter. Followed.

rikkers last blog post..Royal Institute announces simplifications to Thai alphabet

Comment by CatherineNo Gravatar
2009-04-01 18:38:28

Thanks for the mention Talen. I’m proud to be amongst such a great group.

Learning Thai is exciting but can also be a nervous endeavour. All those tones!

Catherines last blog post..Learn Thai Online for FREE… the Mother of all Resources

Comment by CatherineNo Gravatar
2009-04-01 18:40:34

Som, are you the author of that book? You commented on my site with the exact same wordings…

Catherines last blog post..Learn Thai Online for FREE… the Mother of all Resources

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