Thailand Blogs Part 6: More Expats & Travel Blogs

I should be hitting Pattaya by the time you read this post…unfortunately for me at the moment I’m still 8 hours away from heading to the airport to go to Thailand. Ah the marvels of blogging technology.

I’m going to wrap this love fest up today and start posting new adventures from Thailand tomorrow. I just thought it a good idea to let you know that the previous posts, up to and including this one, are only a small sampling of all the great Thailand blogs out there.

There just isn’t enough time to cover them all at the moment but you can check out my sidebar for more great Thai blogs ( the thumbnail changes with each refresh) or check out the links section. In all there are links to over 150 Thai blogs and as soon as my lazy ass gets back from Thailand I have a bunch more to add.

Now on to the blogs…

The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy

Matt was an expat living in Thailand and now he is an expat living in East Timor. There is still a wealth of backlogged Thailand information as well as new posts about his experiences in East Timor. This site is really well worth your visit and full of great articles. It’s also home of The Top 100 Thailand Blogs. It took Matt a good while to complie that list and it’s sent all of us blogging about Thailand a lot of traffic. So, My thanks to you Matt and I hope your adventures in Dili are going well.

Brit in Bangkok

Brit in Bangkok

Brit in Bangkok, not surprisingly, is written by a British female expat who’s been living in Thailand for the past 5 years. Writing about her experiences and travels in Thailand as well as world politics. It’s a very engaging read and well worth spending some time getting to know her point of view.

Lost in Translation-Life in Bangkok

Lost in Translation-Life in Bangkok

Lost in Translation is written by an expat named Jewie who’s been at it since 2005. Lots of great posts and pictures to be found. Covering everything from news to travel and giving his opinion where it’s needed as well as showing you Thailand in beautiful Pictures. Definitely one to add to your reader if you haven’t already. Ok, anyone else notice a bunny thing going on in the last 2 blogs or am I just getting delusional with my flight so close?

The Thai Pirate

The Thai Pirate

The Thai Pirate is written by Ben Shingleton an English expat living and working in Thailand. I know I keep saying it but this yet another great read covering travel and attractions in Thailand as well as news, Thai culture and Thai life. Besides having a great name for a blog I didn’t see any bunnies lurking there so stop by and give The Thai Pirate a good reading.

Naked Farang

Naked Farang

Without trying to sound like a broken record I’ll just say that Naked Farang has great articles on Thailand travel, Thai culture and Thai life. With lots of pictures and reviews. Stop by you’ll be glad you did.

Bulgarian Slivatree- An Expatriate’s Eye in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Slivatree

Alright, I know you are thinking ” how is this a Thailand blog?” Very perceptive of you…it’s not. But it is Bulgaria and everyone knows it’s same same but different. Martin is an English Expat living and working in Bulgaria and telling you about it all on his blog. This really is an excellent read and not to be missed.

Newley Purnell-Blogging from Bangkok

Newley Purnell Blogging from Bangkok

An American freelance journalist bringing you news and travel related stories from Thailand. Lots of good stuff here. He’s been at it since 2002 so there is a lot to read.

Serrated Edges

Serrated Edges

Serrated Edges is written by Lana, an expat that moved to Phuket  a decade ago. Lots of great views and opinions here and definitely worth spending a considerable amount of time going through the archive.

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site & Travel Blog

Nomadic Matts Travel Site

Simply put Nomadic Matt’s is one of the best travel sites and blogs out there. Matt used to live in Thailand but now he is calling Taipei home if I remember right…hence the whole nomadic thing. Matt’s travel site and blog is chock full of tips, views and opinions on everything to do with travel. A lot of great articles on Thailand as well as various other destinations around the world …including great pics too. He gave up the rat race to travel and I would say it suits him well. Make sure to visit  Matt’s site you’ll be very glad you did.

Put a fork in it…I’m done. Gotta plane to catch. I had really hoped to cover more ground over the past few days but time just didn’t permit it. I think what I’m going to do is a monthly article on a Thai or travel blogger from now on possibly with interviews. There really are a lot of great sites out there and if I didn’t get to yours this round I’ll be getting to you sooner or later.

Hopefully right now I’m sitting on a beach somewhere in Thailand drinking one of those newfangled Siam Sunray’s and not gagging…Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about the dangers of drinking too many Siam Sunray’s and falling asleep on the beach!

sig1 Thailand Blogs Part 6: More Expats & Travel Blogs

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4 Responses to Thailand Blogs Part 6: More Expats & Travel Blogs
  1. Mav
    April 2, 2009 | 1:08 am

    Lovely blog you have here. Might see you in Pattaya – going there for some fresh air next week !

    Mavs last blog post..Songkran Alcohol Ban Cancelled

  2. Martin In Bulgaria
    April 2, 2009 | 2:00 am

    Hi Talen,

    I hope you got to Pattaya safely, no doubt the jurney will be a story in itself.

    Lots of work gone on in this post and although I feel a bit like a fish out of water with a near Eastern blog rather than mainly Far Eastern blogs, I thank you for the highlight and review.

    Take care!

    Martin In Bulgarias last blog post..Skalitsa Village Farm – Planning Crops

  3. Martyn
    April 2, 2009 | 5:02 pm

    There’s a few sites here that I have not come across before and rest assured during my days off I will check them out. Arriving in Pattaya…that brings back memories and a smile to my face. Have fun in the sun.

    Martyns last blog post..March 09 Review

  4. Ben Shingleton
    April 3, 2009 | 11:36 pm

    Cool, thanks Talen, I really enjoy reading your blog also, enjoy your trip, and all the best, Ben

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