Pattaya, Thai Girls & Food

Sunset at Pattaya Beer Garden

As I sit here at Pattaya Beer Garden watching the sun set whilst enjoying a vodka lippo I can’t help but try and comprehend last nights happenings. And the same question keeps coming to my mind.

Can someone please explain to me the nature of a Thai girls stomach? I mean, it’s just not human…more alien in nature than anything. Have you seen a huge boa constrictor eat a small cow, kinda like the same thing.

I arrived in Pattaya yesterday and thought it would be nice if I took out my girl, her sister, and best friend for a night out on the town. We started with Thai barbecue. For those of you that may not know what a Thai bbq is it’s basically an all you can eat deal where you cook the food at your own table. With all kinds of food to choose from it’s a great deal for everyone.

Round 1 Falang: We go to peruse the buffet and pick from chicken, pork, shrimp, octopus and a whole smorgasborg of other culinary delights. Round 1 lasts about half an hour to forty five minutes and at this stage I am pleasantly full and contemplating a cigarette.

Rounds 1 Thai girls: two and one half hours later after I have stopped eating the Thai girls have finally picked through the last shrimp and clams and are now contemplating fruit and ice cream. 3 girls with a combined weight of 320 pounds without an ounce of fat on any of them consumed various foods for 3 hours straight!

Where the hell does it all go? do they have quadroople the stomach capacity of us mere mortals?

Sunset on Pattaya BayI was completely full after the first forty five minutes but could still nibble on some fruit. If I would have eaten even half of the food one of these girls consumed I wouldn’t be able to walk and most likely would have been sick.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there…we’re talking about professional Thai girls, they had just begun.

So, we decided to head to a very cool karaoke joint just off Pattaya Klang where you basically rent your own private room that looks like a little house. Drinks are served and I settle into being serenaded by three Thai girls that can really sing. After 15 minutes the man serving drinks, to my horror, brings in plates and eating implements. I ask what they were for and in unison I get ” For eating”.

The man brings in a large plate of roasted cashews with hot peppers and lime. I’m thinking to myself …ok…bar snacks. Boy was I wrong! That was just the appetizer for the full grilled fish with Thai noodles being served as the main course.

I sat back amazed as these three ate even more food.

Normally I always have my camera with me but decided just to have fun last night. I wish I had brought the camera now because it was just incredible the amount of food they demolished.

Never challebge a Thai girl to an eating contest…you will lose,  badly!

sig1 Pattaya, Thai Girls & Food

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Comment by Martin In BulgariaNo Gravatar
2009-04-03 10:03:07

Hi Talen,

It seems to defeat sience from what you say. I put it down to being really lucky, how many people wish they could tuck away gross amounts of food and not put weight on. Their secret would be worth millions if marketed.

Glad you’re enjoying yourself, take care.

Martin In Bulgarias last blog post..Skalitsa Village Farm – Planning Crops

Comment by malcolmNo Gravatar
2009-04-03 11:16:28

Talen, like you I don’t know where they put it all . When I first got to the LOS , and we went out to eat the first couple of times I thought to myself and would say to Ciejay , “they ordering to much ” her reply “mai pen rai”. and Within a hour or so it was all gone and they would be ordering more , now I just keep my mouth shut and watch the show , ha ha .
Glad you are over here and enjoying yourself, some day if you are in the area give me a shout and maybe we can have a coffee together. Malcolm

malcolms last blog post..MONEY FOR THE BIG MOVE TO THAILAND 2004

Comment by TalenNo Gravatar
2009-04-04 03:53:43

I may just be in your neck of the woods Malcolm…If I am would love to have a coffee with you.

Comment by MartynNo Gravatar
2009-04-03 14:30:38

Wilai is not a big, big eater but she can certainly eat more than me. Every time I visit Thailand she says “good now I can eat some nice food, not same village.”
I think the answer is there, you can afford to buy food that they normally cannot access and if they could they would deem it too expensive. So it’s eyes down and tuck in time.

Martyns last blog post..March 09 Review

Comment by TalenNo Gravatar
2009-04-04 03:56:26

That’s funny Martyn…My girl would much rather have her Lao food from the village than anything else. As a matter of fact we just went shopping earlier today to buy all the ingredients for a couple of Lao dishes her and her sister are going to make for us tonight. Gang lo mai and Gang hit.

All I know is I hurt just watching a Thai girl put food away like they do.

Comment by samonNo Gravatar
2009-09-12 15:02:20

I think they may act naturally, but you eat less. May be they think why Falang eat only a little.
samon´s last blog ..Site Content My ComLuv Profile

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